With the winter break beginning after the final exam period next Friday, many students have started to plan how they will get back home as well as activities to do on campus to wrap up their final week at IUP for the fall semester. 

There is one time of the year that is coveted by many IUP students.

That time is winter break. With the classes winding to an end and finals going on throughout next week, there is nothing students look forward to more than being able to be done with college for about a month over the break.

“I am just ready to get away from college for a bit, to be honest,” Nathan Hoover (sophomore, history) said. “Being able to take the time over break to just relax is what I am most looking forward to.”

Hoover went on to say that the winter break is important for so many students since it follows the finals period. As said by Hoover, there is a lot of stress in the last weeks of a semester, so having a break right after is great to relieve that stress.

The break may be great to relieve stress, but the question then becomes what students are planning to do in the time that they are home. After all, there is a lot of time available. Whether they spend the time retuning to a job and working or catching up with people, there are many options for students to pursue as they enjoy their time off.

“I am looking forward to getting to see family and friends for longer than I did over the [Thanksgiving break],” Dylan McDonald (sophomore, psychology) said. “Sure, it will be nice to take a break after finals, but I am more looking forward to hanging out with people and taking it easy.”

McDonald continued that, while he had a week to meet up with people, it was hard because time schedules were more compacted and different schools have different break times. With the winter break that issue is resolved as there is more time and therefore more flexibility to make plans.

In addition to seeing people that he missed the chance to see over Thanksgiving, McDonald also plans to use the winter break to catch up on shows that he has not had the time to watch over the course of the semester. Often times students can fall behind on things they like to watch as schoolwork takes up more and more of their time.

Being able to be with pets is something that normally is not thought about in the wide scope of a break, but it is a factor for a lot of people. Animals are ways for people to feel comforted and more secure, leading to their importance when a break sets in for college students.

“[I plan to] spend time with family and more importantly my two Great Danes and horse,” Emma Naugle (freshman, early childhood education) said. “I’m very excited for it. I miss them a lot while I’m here.”

No matter what your plans are over the break, The Penn wishes the best. Students deserve time away and time to relax after working hard during the semester.

Good work over the course of the semester, and the best of luck for whatever next semester presents you with.

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