According to, the most popular Thanksgiving food in Pennsylvania is stuffing, which is a trend that is followed by New York and Connecticut.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the students at IUP are getting excited about the foods that will be available.

It is hard to find someone that does not love a good Thanksgiving meal with friends or family. With many different elements of the holiday, there is a lot to handle. One of the staples and highlights of the day is the food that is served.

While some may prefer the bigger ticket items like turkey or stuffing, others prefer the smaller dishes like corn or green beans. The options are endless as well as the variations that can be added or switched from the classic dishes like sweet potatoes replacing mashed potatoes for some families.

There is a lot to choose from for students as they select a favorite.

“It is tough,” Devin Faybik (sophomore, social studies education) said, “but I would have to go with stuffing because it is a classic.”

Stuffing is just one of many different foods that are associated with the holiday. Turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and green beans are among some of the most popular dishes, according to Stuffing seems to be a popular one with multiple students, including Faybik.

“Probably stuffing, it’s the best part of the whole entire thing because it is simply a staple of Thanksgiving,” Daelin Digiannurio (sophomore, psychology) said.

According to a ranking from, stuffing is the second most popular food for Thanksgiving in the country, being beaten out by mashed potatoes. Other rankings on the list include macaroni and cheese at the third-place spot and rolls at the fourth-place spot.

“[My favorite Thanksgiving dish is] mac and cheese,” Muminah Muhammad (sophomore, political science) said. “It’s always something I am always drawn toward.”

While a lot of students are specifically looking forward to the foods that would be eaten during the meal, there are also students that are more excited for the desserts.

“I am honestly really excited for the pies that will be there,” Bridget Gardner (sophomore, environmental engineering) said. “Pumpkin pie, especially, as it is really associated with Thanksgiving and the fall season in general.”

In addition to the seasonal pumpkin pie, other desserts like apple pie, pecan pie and cheesecake are all other options for people to include.

Whether you are going to be having a meal with friends or with family, the food that is present will likely be the same, and delicious, for those taking the time to indulge in the Thanksgiving season. With that in mind, students should be sure to have a good time and enjoy the break.

Taking the time to unwind and enjoy some quality family time and good food can be a wonderful time for students over the break from the college life.

The Penn wishes students a good Thanksgiving. Be sure to enjoy the time off and enjoy some good food. Also be sure to stay safe if you travel to visit extended family or friends.

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