Students can go to the Jimmy Stewart Museum to learn about the actor, who was born in Indiana. 

IUP is a staple part of Indiana with some negative assumptions about its campus; however, there are many other things to do here besides party.

To begin, let us set the scene: It is a beautiful day and, surprisingly, it is not raining. If you are a student, the Oak Grove is loved by many on campus. Lay out a nice blanket with your friends and bask in the sun, or pull out that biology homework you have been dreading to do.

For some quiet time, visit Commonplace Coffee located on Grant Street as it is just a little walk off campus. Here, you can have the complete coffee shop experience with delicious treats and relaxing music; it even has outdoor dining options. So, next time you have a group project or a paper to write, stop here to have a coffee and a pastry.

Some of us may think IUP is not the place for love, but there are many fun date ideas for you and that special someone, especially if you are a fan of ice cream.

“I love to go get ice cream at The Meadows,” Kathryn Connell (senior, nursing) said. “It’s truly a staple here.”

The Meadows Original Frozen Custard is a short drive from campus on Oakland Avenue and has been a family tradition since 1950. It offers a variety of custard flavors every day as well as Italian ice and sundaes. You can sit outside on a warm, summer’s night or go inside for a lovely dining experience.

Anyone that goes to IUP knows of “Philly Street”, or Philadelphia Street, which is a strip of restaurants, bars and shops: a perfect place for the night owl or early riser.

“Bob’s Subs is my favorite on Philly Street,” Braydon Benson (freshman, business) said, “And always remember to get your sandwich Bob’s Way.”

This college favorite has been around since 1973. When you step into Bob’s Sub, not only do you smell the beautifully crafted sandwiches, but you also get a blast from the past with old IUP pictures spread along the walls.

Another dining place to check out is the 9th Street Deli on Philadelphia Street.

“9th Street Deli has, hands down, the best steak-n-cheese in Indiana County,” Tyler Seitz (senior, public health) said.

For late-night workers and students of Indiana, you can choose from H.B. Culpeppers, otherwise known as “Culps” to the regulars, The Coney, Al Patti’s Bar and Grill, Voodoo Brewery and many more. All of these eateries are walking distance from campus and from each other.

Last, but certainly not least, The Jimmy Stewart Museum on Philadelphia Street is there for those that want to understand one of the monumental actors that lived in this town and throughout the 1950s, Jimmy Stewart himself. You can also hear Stewart’s voice at the crosswalk on Philadelphia Street.

Indiana is home to many enjoyable activities for students and families; whether you want ice cream, a sub or a blast from the past, Indiana has much to explore.

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