Santa Claus’s “Naughty or Nice” list is an iconic Christmas trademark used to decide who receives their presents and who receives coal for Christmas.

Christmas is coming up soon, and with Christmas comes presents. 

Whether those presents are nicely wrapped gifts or a bag of coal, they make for interesting stories in Christmases to come.

When you were a kid, Christmas presents could make or break the holiday. A new game console could give you hours of fun, but a pack of deodorant could be as insulting as it is boring. 

Jeremy Galloza (sophomore, musical theater and music) may have been on the Naughty List one year, as he received a “literal bag of coal.” 

To be specific, Galloza was gifted a bag of charcoal as a gag gift. 

“It wasn’t even real coal,” he said. “They couldn’t even afford real coal. It was literally charcoals for grilling.” 

Galloza did, however, receive more positive gifts in his life. The best gift he ever received was a ticket to a Jay-Z concert.

“It’s hard to step it up from that,” Galloza said about the tickets and the concert. “It was a great concert.”

Another great gift was a ukulele that Violet Hayes (sophomore, speech pathology) received.

“I had been asking for one for a while and it provided entertainment,” Hayes said.

She was less entertained, however, when she received a jacket from her grandmother. 

“The worst gift I’ve ever received is the jacket that my grandma gave me that she bought at a store meant for older women,” she said.

“It was so big that I could fit another me in it, and when I tried to return it, the store said I couldn’t because my grandma had bought it in July. It just wasn’t my style and didn’t fit well at all.”

Emily Lantz (sophomore, human development and family science) also received a gift that was not her style. 

The worst gift she ever

received was a candle given to her by a friend. She said that the candle “smelled like cardboard,” which isn’t a smell anyone wants.

However, the best gift she ever received was an iPhone 4S, because it was “new at the time and a huge upgrade from my previous phone.” 

For Christmas this year, she’s hoping to get money because she is “broke.”

Kayla Bergmann (sophomore, psychology) would also like money for Christmas this year. The best gift she received was also a smartphone, because her previous phone was “old and slow.”

Unlike Bergmann and Lantz, Galloza is not hoping for money for Christmas this year.

“This is going to sound cliche but all I want for Christmas this year is for my friends and family to get along, no fights and everyone to have a good time and have fun at the holidays,” Galloza said.

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