Finals week starts Tuesday.

Finals are here, and students feel conflicted about them.

Many students have expressed concerns about how they will perform since they have been taught completely virtually. Others feel prepared and cannot wait to finally wrap up their year.

“I’m honestly nervous about my finals next week,” Sydney Greitz (freshman, exploratory) said. “Since I am a freshman, I have only had one finals week so far, so they are still sort of new to me.”

Gretiz said that, while she feels prepared for most of her classes, she is nervous for her final exam in psychology.

“I think, like a lot of my classmates, I have gotten to a point where I am pretty burnt out academically.”

Greitz said she planned on finishing the year out strong.

“I want to do well on my exams so I am studying terms and creating flashcards for myself so I can practice.”

Despite Gretiz’s concerns with her psychology exam, she is excited that the semester will be ending soon. Greitz said that she will miss at friends at IUP, though.

“Finals week is kind of bittersweet because it means that you made it to the end of the year, but after the tests then you have to say goodbye to the friends here.”

Another student, Bri Demagall (freshman, psychology) said that she too is a little bit nervous for her finals.

“I don’t feel like I am entirely prepared because some of the classes I have this semester are asynchronous.”

Many students had to take asynchronous classes this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While classes this semester were both in-person and on Zoom, many students decided to participate remotely.

Demagall said she is excited to wrap up the year, but she will miss her friends. She said she will not be able to see them until the fall semester. Demagall plans to stay in touch with people through technology.

“I feel nervous about finals week, but I also feel good at the same time,” Evan Orr (junior, actuarial mathematics) said.

Orr said that he said nervous because he wants to do well and because he does not feel that prepared for them.

“I am currently and will be studying through the last week of classes,” Orr said.

“All of my classes have finals, including math proofs, computer science, accounting and Spanish.”

Orr said he also has a final presentation for his math seminar class.

Even though there is nerves, Orr said he looks at the bright side and that he is excited to finally complete his first year at IUP.

Orr said that he is looking forward to a productive summer.

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