The Insidious movies are one student’s favorite.

Friday the 13th is coming this week, and while it may be an unlucky or even cursed day, the best way to enjoy it is with scary movies galore.

From the “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise to the latest “IT” movie, students have their favorite scary movies to pay honor to a dark day.

“My favorite scary movies are all the ‘Halloween’ movies, except the second one,” Mackenzie Barr (sophomore, psychology) said. “They’re classics. My dad and I watched them all last year, so they have some special memories for me. They’re the perfect way to get in the spooky mood.”

The “Halloween” slasher films center around Michael Myers, who, when he was a child, murdered his own sister. He was convicted, and 15 years later, he escaped prison, returning to his hometown to look for his next victims.

In 2018, a direct sequel to the first film was released. The film ignores all other movies in the franchise. However, the original cast returned, with Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Strode, the protagonist who appears throughout all 11 films.

“I will never watch ‘Halloween II’ again,” Barr said. It was not scary and didn’t relate to any of the other ‘Halloween’ movies.”

“My favorite scary movies are the ‘Insidious’ movies, Isabelle Jabbour (sophomore, geology) said. “I love the series and how they incorporate paranormal experiences into dreams.”

The “Insidious” franchise first premiered in 2010 with the film “Insidious.” Since then, three more films have been released: “Insidious: Chapter 2,” “Insidious: Chapter 3” and “Insidious: The Last Key.”

The films focus on a couple whose son, soon after entering a comatose state, acts as a vessel for ghosts and demons. The family is eventually invaded by demons from a realm of Hell known as “The Further,” and torments ensue.

The most recent “IT” movie, “IT: Chapter 2” was released Sept. 6 and already has fans pulling the covers over their heads at night.

“I will never watch ‘IT: Chapter 2’ again,” Jabbour said. “It made me uncomfortable. I don’t like graphic beatings, and I hate clowns anyway.”

“My favorite scary movie is ‘Get Out,’” Zarabeth Cook (senior, psychology) said. “It’s very psychologically scary, and I think that’s what makes it interesting.”

From director Jordan Peele, “Get Out” is about an interracial couple. When Rose invites him to her parent’s home in upstate New York, Chris notices that odd behaviors happen with the other African-American people around the estate and finds out he’s in over his head with no way to get out.

“I’ll never watch ‘The Grudge’ again,” Cook said. “My sister watched it when she was younger, and she couldn’t sleep alone for two weeks.”

“The Grudge,” a 2004 American remake of the Japanese film, “Ju-on: The Grudge,” centers around an entity born from a curse, known as a “grudge.” The curse is born when someone dies in a powerful rage or extreme sorrow and passes from victim to victim, creating more horror with each person.

A sequel and third movie, “The Grudge 2” and “The Grudge 3,” were made. The sequel was released Friday the 13th in 2006. A remake of the first movie is said to be released in 2020.

With Friday the 13th just around the corner, the best way to make an unlucky day eventful is to fill it with scares and nail-biting suspense. With Halloween coming soon, it’s the perfect time to add some new horror to any movie collection.

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