Students would enjoy seeing artists like Tyler, the Creator at IUP.

This article contains opinion. 

Each year with release of the STATIC (The Student Activity Committee) lineup comes talk of whether or not these artists fill the wants of the student body.

Reviews usually swing both ways, but students also tend to suggest their own picks of whom they wish could perform at IUP.

“As far as comedy, I need to see Trevor Wallace,” Ian Zimmerman, a sophomore communications media major, said. “I know the Greek life needs to see him. College-age teens need to see him; everyone does. Everything he does is for our demographic (college students).” 

This year, IUP will host YouTube personality David Dobrik and reality TV star Karamo Brown. 

“They need to bring up a variety of people,” Zimmerman said. “Different backgrounds, political opinions, and motivational speakers. You know who I’d want to see? John and Hank Green; they have a unique voice. And it’d be a new topic for people. I think we need someone for everyone.” 

IUP largely books rap artists due to the popularity of the genre among the student body. 

“As far as rappers, I’d love to see Tyler, The Creator; maybe bring out Ski Mask the Slump God or Smokepurpp, just because I like them,” Zimmerman said. 

There is also an interest for more underground acts. 

“I would like to see Wordsplayed come to IUP,” Isaiah Morrow (sophomore, exercise science) said. “Wordsplayed is one of the most creative artists that I’ve heard in my life, and I think that just about anyone at IUP would be able to see how he stands out. He knows how to throw a party on the stage and get everyone involved.” 

But hip-hop isn’t the only genre people want to see. 

Dennis Patterson, a sophomore small business and entrepreneurship major, said he’d like to see more country.

 “It would be nice to see more country artists coming to the KCAC (Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex) because of the rural area, and not a lot of country artists come to Indiana,” he said.

Including the rural area that extends beyond IUP, concerts could bring in more people and tap into new crowds. Zimmerman also suggested utilizing the KCAC for more outdoor concerts and a wider variety of musicians.

“I’d like to see artists like Mayor Hawthorne or Anderson .Paak come to IUP,” Will Luetkehans (sophomore, communications media) said. “I feel as that we are in need of some live performances that take a hip hop/soul angle while also incorporating different instrumentation and musical skills, rather than just a beat playing and someone singing on stage. I feel this would make the concerts more intimate and memorable.” 

The STATIC list is always hotly anticipated, and students will continue to wish to for their favorite artists each year. IUP is known for loving music and having energy at concerts, and there is potential for big turnouts.

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