Apple AirPods gained popularity due to their size and how they automatically connect to your phone.

Ever since Beats by Dr. Dre hit the market in 2008, many people across the world have switched from wired earbuds to wireless.  

Apple’s AirPods cost about $160 compared to the free wired headphones that an iPhone user receives after a purchase.  AirPods connect via bluetooth and automatically play the sound coming from your iPhone.

In response to a Twitter poll,“Do you prefer wireless headphones or wired headphones?,”  78 percent of people prefer wireless while only 22 percent prefer wired.  

“I prefer wireless headphones because they don’t get caught on anything or fall out while I’m working out at the gym,” Mason Carothers (junior, health and physical education) said.  

“I prefer wireless headphones because wired ones always fall out during my fitness classes,” Meghan McCreary (senior, nutrition and dietetics) said.

As previously mentioned, AirPods run for about $160, and Beats run for nearly $200. Many students said that $150-$200 would be the most they would spend on wireless earbuds.  

According to slickdeals.net, the advantages of wireless headphones are that most of them come with a wireless track and volume control works with both iPhones and Androids. They also allow you to answer calls and have helpful voice prompts that might say, “we’re on and ready to go.”  

The people who should make the switch to wireless earbuds are those who hate dealing with cords, those who work out and exercise and people who worry about appearance.  

Bluetooth headphones can be worn whether you’re listening to music or not.  Many bluetooth headphones have many ways to wear them, such as the behind-the-neck, in which two ear pieces are connected via a long cord and worn around the back of the neck.  These are popular but have limited battery life.  

Popular brands are KICKER EB300 ($79.95) and Bose QuietControl 30 ($299.95).  Another kind of bluetooth headphones are sports headphones. These have a tighter fit and wrap around the ears, so they don’t pop off and are also sweat proof.  Two examples of these are Jaybird X2 ($149.95) and the Plantronics BackBeat FIT ($129.99).  

Two other kinds of headphones are around-the-collar and over-the-head. Around-the-collar headphones have ear pieces attached to the ends of a rubbery and/or plastic around-the-neck collar, like the Sol Republic Shadow ($99.99).  Over-the-head headphones are a Beats-style of headphones that can last anywhere from 15-40 hours.  These are larger and produce the best sound because they are noisecancelling.  

As you can see, there are many different types of bluetooth headphones, and the majority of students prefer wireless headphones.  They are more convenient, easier to use and don’t have annoying cords that get in the way of everyday life.  Wireless headphones are continuing to gain more popularity due to the smaller sizes being sold such as AirPods.   

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