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Dunkin’ Donuts’ most popular drink during the winter season is its signature coffee, not hot chocolate.

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All college students have their favorite go-to drinks, and as the winter season approaches, there are many favorite hot drinks offered in stores. 

Hot chocolate is a drink that is often popular during the colder seasons. It often has a rich chocolate flavor to it and can be even more enjoyable with added things like marshmallows, caramel drizzle or mint flavoring. 

Some people prefer to get hot chocolate from the store in little individual packets, and others prefer to get it at places like Starbucks, Crazy Mocha or Dunkin’ Donuts. 

Overall, people enjoy drinking hot chocolate because it tastes rich and it’s an enjoyable holiday drink, especially in the colder nights. 

“I enjoy drinking hot chocolate over coffee and tea,” Amma Darkwah (senior, international business and computer science) said. “I’m not a coffee or a tea person. 

“Chocolate tastes nice, which is why I like it. I like the taste of hot chocolate because it’s sweet

compared to coffee, which is bitter. If I do drink coffee, it’s in a form of frappuccino or caramel macchiato. I don’t drink tea.” 

Tea can be hot or cold and has a variety of flavors offered. Peach tea, green tea, herbal tea and raspberry tea are a few popular ones. 

A lot of people like hot tea because it is good for your body and health. According to scientists, green tea has antioxidants that can improve muscle endurance. 

“I personally prefer tea because I’m not a sweet person, but it

always provides good flavor without the need to add a whole bunch to it,” Cole Rygalski (senior, theater) said. “Tea has far more of a variety as compared to coffee or hot chocolate. 

“I like both hot and cold teas because they are both enjoyable to drink yet have such distinctive differences when they are hot or cold. There are so many kinds of teas available, too. Iced teas can be very refreshing and have a lot of different options available.” 

However, a typical favorite, especially for college students, is iced or hot coffee.

Like tea, there are a variety of coffees offered, both hot and cold, with many flavors and season specialties at different coffee shops. 

Some Starbucks holiday beverages favorites include the toasted white chocolate mocha, the peppermint mocha and the gingerbread latte, just to name a few. 

A few Dunkin’ Donuts specialty holiday beverages include the holiday eggnog latte, the gingerbread s’mores and the winter white chocolate coffee. 

“I like coffee, but I don’t really drink hot chocolate,” Ronald Inniss (sophomore, Asian studies) said. “Coffee makes me alert, and I need an energy boost every day. 

“Hot chocolate does taste good, but there isn’t as much of an energy boost property, so I often don’t drink it, especially while I’m in college. I prefer coffee over tea because I often need to stay up very late for school and tea will just put me to sleep.”

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