A mandela crochet that Reed has made for her business.

They say there are only two certainties in life, taxes and death. As a college student, there is also the added certainty of student loan debt. Some students at IUP have decided to find their own ways of covering these costs by running small businesses in their free time.

Each week, The Penn will cover some of these businesses and help get their names out there. For those of you who may be interested in handmade mandalas and skin care, Kaiya Reed (sophomore, anthropology) may have the perfect products for you.

Beginning her business approximately two months ago, Reed got the idea for her business from her grandmother.

“She has a similar business back home,” Reed said concerning her crocheted mandalas. Along with them, she also sells skin and body products that are 100 percent natural.

Though her business is still young, Reed said it is already off to a great start. 

“I have sold three mandala and six skin care products so far.”

Her proudest moment was her first sell, as it showed her the business was worth doing. 

Though she does not have any official social media pages for her work, those interested in seeing her items or  buying can reach Reed on her Facebook page or on Instagram @Finding_Nimoy_.

Aside from her products being natural, Reed also takes special care in putting them together.

“I mix it all by hand and package it in cruelty-free containers,” she said.

Mandalas are sold for $15, and her body and skin products’ prices vary by product and size.

Another business at IUP includes doing nails and is run by Tamia Jordan (nursing).

Jordan said doing nails has been her passion for years, even stating that she is an up-and -coming nail technician. 

“I was always into nails since I was young,” she said. “Growing up, I used to do my own press on and made it a fun hobby as a child.”

As she grew older, Jordan found herself even more attracted to the skill.

“I fell more in love with it and how you can be an artist with something as little as a fingernail- doing different techniques and styles that compliments your personality.”

Jordan’s nail work goes from simple and neat to the highest of extremes. She did her first set on someone else March 24. 

She can be found for appointments on her Instagram page @theemiaj. 

She also has a Youtube channel under the name TheeMiaJ so you can subscribe.

Have a business and want to get other students interested? Feel free to contact writer Emily Loose at or on her Instagram @emily_deanne98 for any questions.

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