The STATIC Cookout will take place in front of the Hadley Union Building from 5 to 8 p.m.

This unique semester will conclude with a cookout and an evening with Bill Nye.

The first event of this final week will be the Student Activity Committee (STATIC) Cookout 2021, featuring food trucks, yard games and tie-dye. The event will take place Friday on the Hadley Union Building (HUB) front patio, as well as some games taking place via Zoom. The event will last from 5 to 8 p.m.

There will be various trucks to get delicious food, plenty of yard games and free tie-dye. To attend in person, participants will need a valid I-Card, but admission is completely free.

“The cookout will feature various local business’ food trucks, including Kona Ice, PA BBQ and Bona Pizza,” Cassidy Krug, STATIC’s executive chair, said.

“We will be running a ton of games, such as cornhole, cup pong, ladder golf and inflatable ball games. We will also have a tie dye station with shirts provided by PNC Bank.”  

While the majority of the excitement will take place on-site in front of the HUB, the games taking place via Zoom will be a distanced option, where students and IUP community members alike can still take part in the fun in the safety of their own homes. STATIC members that are not currently in Indiana will host virtual “JackBox” games.

The games online and in-person will have winners, but there are no specific prizes, only some great community fun and bragging rights.

While STATIC eases its events slowly back toward in-person, members are still ensuring the health and safety of IUP community members. All COVID-19 regulations will be followed and enforced by the STATIC team members running the event.

“We will be scanning I-Cards to help with contact tracing,” Krug said.

“There will be 6-foot markings spacing out the food truck area, and masks will be mandatory when moving around. We will disinfect the games between plays as well as offer wipes at each one and have hand sanitizer and mask stations.

“There will be signage around the venue reminding attendees of these protocols, and failure to follow them will result in removal.” 

On Saturday, STATIC will present Live at IUP: An Evening with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

The event will take place via Zoom and will begin at 8 p.m. and come to an end around 10 p.m. No preregistration is required for this event. There will be a Q&A portion of the night during which a few students may be able to ask Nye their questions directly. Questions must be submitted in advance through STATIC’s instant messaging through social media accounts or by email.

“When we found out that [Nye] was doing live events, we knew we had to invite him to talk with us,” Krug said.

“He was a large part of so many people’s childhoods, and we thought he would have some interesting stuff to share with the IUP community.”  

The evening’s discussion will be managed and moderated by Erin Wilhelm, STATIC’s entertainment chair, and Zach Clark, STATIC’s staff adviser. The two will be engaging with Nye in a manner similar to some of STATIC’s previous live speaker events. Clark and Wilhelm will be asking some of STATIC’s prepared questions as well as some of the questions submitted in advance by students.

“We’re not sure of any demonstrations yet; you’ll have to tune in to find out,” Krug said.

“I’m sure science will come up in our conversation with him, but we haven’t received a ton of info from his management yet about the exact flow of the event. We’ll be asking Bill about his TV shows, his books and his organization, The Planetary Society, just to name a few topics.” 

Not only does this event excite many who watched Bill Nye as children, but the STATIC team is also extremely excited for this event. Nye was a big part of many people’s younger years, and the night with this guest is sure to bring about nostalgia for many, if not all, of the attendees.

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