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The IUP community getting their game on during Family Feud Thursday.

The Student Activity Committee (STATIC) hosted a Family Feud event for IUP students to compete against each other Oct. 1.

The event was hosted by Zachary Clark, the director of Student Activities and Assessment for the Student Cooperative Association.

The “families” were groups of IUP friends. They competing included DaBoys, Harvey, Jamie Gang, Locust, Proud, SAHE and Sith.

The prizes usually consist of money. IUP’s survey questions were created by STATIC in Fall 2019 after surveying 250 students. This year, the survey was repeated, and for every new answer submitted, an old response was deleted.

In the first round, DaBoy’s won against the SAHE family with 129 points. They excelled in the rounds “what is something a female student carries in their purse?” and “why do IUP students skip class?”

The most common answer as to why students skipped class involved students being hung over or intoxicated. Interesting and somewhat concerning is that DaBoy’s answer for “something you do to avoid writing a paper,” in which “dying” was on the leaderboard. Clark awkwardly suggested that those who answered “die” should get help.

Those who won the first round not only received event tickets and $5 Sheetz gift cards, but they also moved forward to compete in the Fast Money round.

In the Fast Money round, one student had to leave the room to try to answer new responses that their teammates did not answer before. If the team earned 200 points, everyone in that team would win $50 Co-Op store gift cards. What became an issue was that some answers were so unique that they were not on the leaderboard.

For instance, the Proud family struggled to come up with answers that the student body would have answered. For “something a woman might hide in her bra,” their submission was a taser. This was not on the leaderboard, and neither was “coronavirus” or “jail time” for the question, “what do people brag they have never had a day in their life?” Instead, the common answers were car accidents, cigarettes and traffic tickets.

It was evident that IUP students struggle with geography. For “a state that doesn’t get many tourists,” guesses where Ohio and South Dakota despite their famous attractions of Cleveland and Mount Rushmore.

Additionally, McDonald’s ended up being on the leaderboard for “most popular place to eat on campus” despite there not being a McDonald’s on campus.

A more serious question was “what IUP students look for in a relationship.” Being funny, having a good personality and honesty where the top answers, which scored significantly higher than hotness or body shape.

The Locust family did good in their Fast Money round, winning with food and cologne for “dogs sniff people, people sniff,” and hand and phone for “oh no, I just sat on that person’s…”

“Popular cartoon shows from the 90s” and “what do you do every night before bed” were also questions they did well in.

The final round was the Harvey family versus the Proud family. Despite some connection issues, the Harvey family won the first round and the follow-up Fast Money round.

The Harvey family closed the night with 241 points, earning them the $50 gift cards. They did well with “something you do at your car at a red light,” “something men think they know more about than women,” and “occupation where lots of people have tattoos.”

The evening carried a humorous vibe being that it was less about competition for the money as it was about working as a team and having a great time. Cheers and laughter could be heard many doors down in the residence halls, mostly due to the rather interesting questions.

Many of the answers contained responses of sexual subjects and actions, and quite a few were on the leaderboard. Some of the questions such as “things that are a foot long,” “something people give up but still secretly do,” and “things to do before bed.” Clark pointed out that like it or not, this is part of college culture.

“You have to remember that this was a massive survey that was conducted with IUP students by IUP students,” Clark said. “There is a real reason why we say viewer discretion is advised. [Sex] is part of the student experience.”

The first Family Feud was held in fall 2019 and again in that spring.

STATIC is planning for another Family Feud to happen in spring, but they are still unsure if they should be planning for in-person or virtual events.

Stay updated via STATIC’s Twitter.

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