Josh Peck

Josh Peck (left) and Polo G (right) were two acts on STATIC’s lineup for spring events, since canceled due to coronavirus.

If you’ve attended an entertainment event on campus, it was most likely hosted by STATIC (Student Activity Committee). 

After IUP announced it was suspending face-to-face classes for the remainder of the semester, STATIC announced it was canceling the rest of its events for the spring starting with Live at IUP: Polo G all the way through its Finals Study Break. 

“These decisions weren’t easy for STATIC,” said Zach Clark, STATIC’s adviser and Student Co-Op’s director of student activities and assessment for the Student Co-Op Association. “We poured a ton of time, energy, passion, and money into our spring calendar in order to make it amazing for our IUP campus community. But, we had to put the health, well-being and safety of that community first, and we had to remain responsive to directives coming from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, from the federal government, especially the guidelines regarding large-scale events and programs from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and from our own IUP administration, including President Driscoll and Vice President of Student Affairs Segar.”

STATIC had planned for 12 events this semester, and of those, 10 were canceled. Only two were paid events, the Spring Break Bus return and the Polo G concert. All refunds are being managed by the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex (KCAC) Box Office, which administers STATIC’s ticket sales. If an individual purchased tickets with a credit card, they will receive a refund in 10-15 business days. If an individual purchased with Crimson Cash or cash, they must contact the KCAC Box Office directly to make arrangements to receive their refund via PayPal, since the KCAC Box Office was forced to close daily, in-person operations. Please contact Andrew Thompson, general manager of the KCAC, at 724-357-5222 or to arrange

for your refund or to ask any questions.

A difficulty STATIC faced was the ever-changing regulations, and the need for quick decisions to navigate through the new situation.

“What complicated things on STATIC’s end was how quickly guidelines, recommendations, and directives were changing, so that by the time we figured out one path forward, designed a comprehensive and appropriate response, and published it to the IUP community, things changed,” said Clark. 

STATIC members are working through the response of the IUP community and the artists who were supposed to perform. While most are understanding of the situation, there is still much anger and disappointment of the canceled events. 

“Nobody could’ve predicted even at the end of February how overwhelming this situation would become,” Clark said. “The anger and mistrust directed at STATIC is an unfortunate side effect of COVID-19, for sure. Additionally, nobody (across the event management and promotions industry) is quite sure how artists and agencies will react to the unprecedented number of contract cancellations or postponements this situation has caused. 

“Will artists demand payment-in-full to fulfill contract obligations? Will agencies initiate legal proceedings against programming boards who canceled contracts? No one really knows.”

Through all of the setbacks, STATIC is still working to connect with students and bring them entertainment. 

“A silver lining is that STATIC is still trying to connect with students virtually for the remaining weeks of the semester,” Clark said. “We’re hoping to launch a handful of virtual events, like movie nights, Tik Tok challenges, trivia nights, etc., just to help IUP students destress and forget about the craziness in the world even for an hour or so.”

A full list of events can be found on STATIC’s social media pages. STATIC has also started planning for the fall semester and students can expect to see concerts, comedians, speakers, movies, trips and more. If you have an interest in bringing your favorite acts to IUP, STATIC is looking for general and executive board members.

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