Christmas movies are a great way to spend snowy winter days.

Christmas came early this year because since November Netflix has been stacked with all of our holiday needs, and if there’s anything we need this year, it’s some holiday cheer.

Check out all of these titles on Netflix to get yourself into the Christmas season.

“Dash and Lily”

 Based on Rachel Cohn and David Levithan's popular young adult novel, “Dash and Lily's Book of Dares,” this series follows two teens in New York City who are strangers to each other but decide to pass back and forth a notebook they confide in and call on the other to complete a series of dares in the city around Christmastime. 


If you haven’t already watched this or at least heard about it, are you living under a rock?  This movie stars Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey who both equally hate the holidays, but they decide to be each other’s date to holiday functions for the next year.  Do they fall for each other? Watch and find out.

“Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas”

Interior designer Benjamin Bradley visits homes across the country to give it his touch of holiday spirit. This series reminds you of something that would be seen on HGTV, so if that’s something that you’re interested in, check it out now for some decoration inspiration.

“Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey”

This holiday movie is about an iconic toymaker who, with the help of his whip-smart granddaughter and their magical creations, must track down his apprentice, Keegan-Michael Key, after he steals one of his inventions.This movie is a musical which features songs by John Legend and Usher.

“The Princess Switch: Switched Again”

This romantic-comedy film stars Vanessa Hudgens taking on a triple role of Duchess Margaret of Montenaro, Princess Stacy of Belgravia and the evil cousin Fiona who comes into the kingdom to shake things up during Christmas time. This has been available since Nov. 19th and is a must watch for those who enjoyed the first film.

“Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square”

This country star has another holiday special in the books. This movie stars Christine Baranski as a wealthy character that’s like Scrooge who returns to her hometown roots after her father’s death. She is ready to sell a piece of beloved land until she has a change of heart. Oh, and don’t forget, it can’t be a Dolly movie without her tunes.

“The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two”

Two years ago, Netflix came out with one of its best Christmas movies to date: “The Christmas Chronicles”starring Kurt Russel as Santa. Well, they’re back. They get to save the holiday again—this time, from a mysterious, magical troublemaker named Belsnickel.

“Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker”

This docu-series follows the lead-up to renowned choreographer/dancer Debbie Allen and her young dancers' annual production of the “Hot Chocolate Nutcracker.”

“Christmas Crossfire”

This German action comedy is about a regular man and his new lover driving home for the holiday. During their drive home, the couple stumbles upon an attempted murderer and ends up in the crosshairs of the crime. This has been out since Friday, and check it out to figure out what happens. 

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