Finding the right snack is almost as important as finding the right TV show.

Since we all have so much “freedom” on our hands because of our social-distance-induced imprisonment, we have plenty of time for starting a new TV show. What better way to connect with others electronically than watching a new series online together? There are so many ways to watch with friends and so many options when it comes to deciding what to stream together.

With a myriad of websites and platforms that let multiple people watch shows and movies online simultaneously, social distancing becomes a little more bearable. Plus who doesn’t love sitting down and watching some great TV.

There is a chrome extension called Watch2Gether that allows you to share content with others from a supported site like Dailymotion, Vimeo, and YouTube, among others. There are so many options for this kind of sharing including Kast, Netflix Watch Party and even an app for watching YouTube videos and streaming music along with friends called Plug.DJ.

Since there are so many streaming platforms to choose from with so many shows and movies available to viewers, there is surely a genre for every type of watcher and IUP students have plenty of opinions to share about what shows they’re enjoying at the moment.

“Currently, I’ve been watching ‘Criminal Minds,’ ‘Bones,’ and ‘AP Bio.,’” said Sam Antal, (senior sociology).

“It’s my first time watching ‘Criminal Minds’ and I am hooked. It’s my 3rd or 4th time watching ‘Bones,’ which is my all-time favorite show. If it wasn’t obvious, my favorite genre is crime. I would recommend all these shows to other people. They all have a great storyline and are easy to follow.”

“Criminal Minds” seems to have hit an upsurge in viewings since the pandemic started and crime show fans are buzzing about it. Even the increasingly popular social media app, Tik Tok, has been experiencing a barrage of video creations showcasing one the show’s characters, Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Gray Gubler.

While new shows are always an exciting prospect, it can feel a little overwhelming and at times exhausting or frustrating to start the chore of finding a new series you might enjoy and successfully watch to the end. That’s why sometimes it’s best to stick with the classics and re-watch a show that might still be enjoyable after even the third or fourth time around.

“My preferred TV show genre are dramas. Right now, I am only watching ‘Gossip Girl,’” said Thea McCullough, (senior fashion merchandise” major.

“This is my second time watching the series. I watched it for the first time in high school, in like 10th grade. I remember really liking the show and all the characters back then, but I forgot a lot of the plot that unfolded.

“Also, when I started rewatching the show back in early August, there was nothing new on Netflix that caught my eye. I would definitely recommend this show. You will fall in love with the characters and get sucked in by all the drama. There is good fashion throughout the series and all the actors are nice to look at.”

While the drama and crime genres are a go-to for many people, some of us just need a little more lightheartedness in our lives and naturally gravitate toward comedies. These times of health and safety concerns coupled with social isolation have been hard on so many people’s mental health, so a show with lots of laughs might be just what we need to share with someone else to jump start our mood’s improvement.

“My preferred genres are definitely comedy and mystery/thriller,” said Gabriella Byrne (junior, English).

“I am actually not a huge horror fan, but creep factor is welcomed in any show I watch. Add a mystery, and I am all in. I also gravitate toward comedies because who doesn’t need a good laugh every now and then?

“I recently finished watching ‘The Good Place’ and plan to re-watch the first season for its laugh-out-loud humor. I am only in the second season for ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ but I have not experienced so much laughter and fun since the old TV show ‘Friends’ (which is always there for me when I don’t know what to watch).

“I would recommend ‘The Good Place’ and ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ for anyone wanting a good laugh with some sweet moments mixed in for these two.

It is not all comedies as Byrne said before.

“‘Absentia’ is a thriller, so mystery lovers check it out! Though, some ‘twists’ may be guessable for avid mystery consumers, but the main plot has an intriguing puzzle that I am anxious to figure out.”

If you’re feeling lonely and a bit blue because of the pandemic’s effects, know that you’re never alone and starting a new series with your best pal might be exactly what you need to get yourself out of that difficult emotional rut.

Try a new show or two or maybe try 15 and start sharing them with someone important to you today. Sharing some TV time with a dear friend is guaranteed to bring a bit of relief from those lonely COVID-19 blues we’ve all likely become familiar with.

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