Graduation is a time for students to have graduation parties and take part in ceremonies. 

Along with celebrating with friends, family and other fellow students, many students celebrate graduation by decorating their cap. 

Students often look forward to graduation because designing their cap can be a creative outlet by honoring an important quote that’s stuck with them through school or displaying their artistic abilities. 

Even though the in-person graduation commencement ceremony is postponed until September, many students have already taken the liberty of decorating their caps.

“I didn’t actually know you could design your own cap,” Nicholas Richardson (senior, fine arts) said. “I am a fine arts major, so I’m artistic, but I’m not entirely sure if I’ll decorate my cap or not. I don’t plan on having a graduation party. I am probably just going to celebrate with my family.” 

Many students aren’t letting the postponed graduation commencement ceremony get in their way of celebrating their graduation day.

“I decided to still decorate my cap because I wanted to do all the things I planned months ago for my graduation,” Imani Favors (senior, psychology) said. “I’m not having a huge graduation party like I originally planned, but I’m having a small get together at my apartment just to celebrate this major accomplishment.”

Some students have chosen to follow through with plans previously made, but just adapt them to the COVID-19 social distancing policies.

“I decided to do everything I planned,” said Favors. “And just modified it to fit the new ‘normal’ because I still want to congratulate myself for finishing four years of college. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I’m so proud of myself and proud I finished.” 

To many students, decorating the graduation cap has special meaning to their college journey and life, and having a graduation party when things are open and safe is something they look forward to.

“I still decorated my graduation cap because it still represents all my hard work,” Anita Morrison (senior, early childhood/special education) said. “It has an importance to me even though it’s just a decoration. We may not have a ceremony, but we are still graduating, and I wanted to take my pictures to remember this moment.”

Some students have decided to postpone graduation parties until summer.

“I hope to have my graduation party in the summer if we can,” said Morrison. “I want the chance to celebrate with my family and loved ones. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, and I know my friends and family are too.”

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