Graduates plan to celebrate with parties before heading off to their new jobs or internships. 

The 2019 spring semester is coming to an end, and graduates have been awaiting for months the day they are to be able to walk across the stage. 

Celebrating all the struggles, memories and hard work put into college courses and collegiate life is an accomplishment in itself, but what happens after graduation? 

Many students are prepared for the next step after graduation. 

“After graduation, I’ll be doing my internship working as a counselor for AmeriCorps,” Jacques Baynes (senior, sociology) said. “I’ll be working with teens and children who are in the foster care system and who classify as juveniles and have a low-socioeconomic status. I’ll be working as a peer educator, counselor and community developer.” 

Marc Esteban (senior, cyber security) said he wants to thank his professors for all that they’ve helped during the process. 

“I want to find my professors and thank them for guiding me to be a successful student and individual,” he said. “I’ll either try to find them during or after the graduation ceremony or go to their office if they are still there.” 

Other students will be going home to their families and celebrating their big accomplishments with those who have supported them along the way. 

“I’ll be going home and celebrating with my family,” Seven Steed (senior, biology/pre-med.) said. “My family will want to celebrate and throw a small get-together in honor of graduating.” 

For a lot of college students, finding work and interning at companies and organizations is a major step post-graduation. Being able to get a job right out of college is sometimes difficult, so having the ability to work for a company or organization as an intern and working their way up is one way to find work and gain experience. 

“I’ll be doing my internship in Glens Falls, N.Y.,” Nicholas Darke (communications media/theater) said. “I will be the sound A2 working with a bunch of audio equipment for the Adirondack Theater Festival.” 


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