Pete Davidson allowed students to ask him questions at his comedy show. 

This article contains opinion. 

IUP and STATIC (The Student Activity Committee) welcomed stand-up comedian and member of “Saturday Night Live” Pete Davidson to the university Sept. 8 at 7 p.m. The event, originally supposed to be in Fisher Auditorium, was moved to the Hadley Union Building (HUB) Ohio Room.

Davidson, who had recently gotten into hot water for his act at UCF, in which he ranted about people using their phones during his performance, was welcomed with open arms by the students at IUP.

Though the event started 30 minutes late, the show went on without incident.

The two opening acts for the event were Derek Gaines and Ricky Velez, both fellow comedians and friends of Davidson.

Gaines’ material included pokes at his own upbringing.

“I wasn’t the first person in my family to go to college. I was the first to drop out of jazz college,” he said.

When discussing the difference in how talent is seen in race, Gaines gave an example of his beatboxing skills that made the crowd applaud loudly.

Velez told a story about going to the Dominican Republic and how drug dealers stay in the ocean.Though he did buy off of the man, cops were not angry at him for it.

“They said ‘We thought you bought an ID or a birth certificate,’” Velez said. “You can do that in the ocean?”

The crowd cheered just as loudly as Davidson made his way to the stage.

He made call backs to his UCF scandal, citing his use of the “R” word was not meant with the same meaning that people thought. To him, it was the same way that British people use a different word for “cigarette.”

While on stage, Davidson also joked about the town’s name and of its dedication to Jimmy Stewart.

“You guys go to a place with names of two states that no one likes,” he said. “None of you guys are actually from here, right?”

More material included his hate for Diplo and how he now has a son, as he helps financially support the baby’s mother. 

Though he said he normally did not do so, Davidson opened questioning up from students.

When asked about his favorite cast mates on SNL, he cited Kenan Thompson as one of the best. He also said one of his least favorite guests was Russel Crowe.

He then invited Velez back on stage to discuss stories from their early comic years as teenagers. They described meeting a man named Uncle Lou who paid them a lot of money, but also assaulted them and waved around a gun.

They said that after they decided to stop talking to him, he came to one more show and gave Davidson an eight-page letter that said he had changed since appearing on “Wild ‘n Out.”

The crowd gave another round of applause as the two left the stage.

STATIC has many more events coming up. Comedian and vlogger David Dobrik will be coming Oct. 16 and tickets went on sale Monday. 

Homecoming tickets for DaBaby, Lil Mosey and Polo G are still on sale but are almost sold out. The concert will take place Oct. 3.

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