Olive Garden

One of the best places to go are restaurants to enjoy a romantic dinner with someone you love, like Olive Garden, an Italian restaurant.

For a lot of people, Valentine’s Day is a special holiday meant for spending time with your significant other and or the people you love. 

Many people enjoy Valentine’s Day despite celebrating their meaningful relationships throughout the rest of the year. 

Because of this, it is a widely celebrated holiday throughout the nation. 

It is often the norm for couples to enjoy a meal out in a nice restaurant. This allows for intimate and bountiful communication to occur. 

Activities like watching a movie, baking and bowling are some ideas for a night out with a significant other and or a group of friends you are close with. 

On Valentine’s Day, many people buy things like sappy Valentine’s Day cards.

Many people speculate the idea that Valentine’s Day was created as a scheme to sell inventory by the masses, forcing people to buy things like flowers, cards, chocolates, stuffed animals and jewelry. 

However, despite what you buy and how much money you spend, it’s often the thought that counts and the quality time spent with your significant other and or loved ones that makes Valentine’s Day a special holiday. 

 “Last year, I gathered all her gifts for over a month,” James Watson (senior, history) said. “I had the day off, so I set up the room with roses and candles. 

“I took her on a date, and when we came home, I had her wait for me downstairs while I lit the candles. After that, we went to the movies and went bowling. 

“This year, I am taking her to a restaurant in Pittsburgh. It’s like a Shake Shack. Then, we are going to an arcade and a movie after; then I’ll take her back to IUP.” 

Despite many couples going out to restaurants, many people also dine in, either ordering food in or making food together. 

“I usually like to surprise her with gifts,” Nicholas Richardson (senior, fine arts) said. “She really likes things like stuffed animals and chocolates. 

“Then, we either will either go out to dinner or order pizza and just spend the day together. We enjoy going to the movies as well.” 

Many couples go to fancier restaurants and dress up for the special occasion. 

“I am going to take my girlfriend to a very nice restaurant because I prefer upscale restaurants, and my girlfriend deserves the best,” Lyndon Darwin-Shelton (senior, computer science) said. “Last year, I took her to one of her favorite restaurants, Olive Garden. 

“Since she likes spending time with me, I am going to take her somewhere where we can spend time together instead of sitting silently in an environment like a movie theater. “We like to go to upscale, dine-in restaurants because we both want to be in a setting where we can enjoy each other’s company.” 

Whatever your choice and plans of spending time with your significant other, friends or family you love, Valentine’s Day is a symbolic holiday, meant to let the most important people in your life know that they’re loved and appreciated throughout the entire year. 

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