Robert Hunter will release his new book, “Relapse,” in May.

Robert Hunter – a singer, songwriter, author and poet, who is local to Pennsylvania – has been touring with his wife, Rebecca Hunter, and fellow singer and songwriter, Sarah Trunzo. 

This tour is to promote his new book, “Relapse,” and new album, “Revival.” Rebecca Hunter’s journey toward cancer remission was Robert Hunter’s main inspiration. 

The trio will perform at the Artists Hand Gallery and Espresso Bar on Thursday. Trunzo, who is originally from Maine, will open with her alternative country style songs about underrepresented topics. She said touring with the Hunters has been very inspiring for her. 

After her performance, Robert Hunter will play music from his new album, which is to be released in June. Then, he will take fan favorites from his previous albums, “Afterglow” and “Out of my Mind.” 

For Robert and Becky Hunter, this tour is about supporting local venues and having their own adventures rather than money. Although Robert Hunter has been featured on local and national radios, including Sirius XM, and is on the Amazon Best Seller’s list, he is trying to stay true to supporting local businesses. 

When “Relapse” releases on May 15, the Hunters’ main target is selling to independent book stores – or as Rebecca Hunter said, “Indie buys indie.”

The Hunters also have a sponsorship from thisisbookable.com. With this site, anyone can request and purchase private concerts from Robert Hunter.

The proceeds for Hunters’ shows are going to cancer centers, and all the proceeds from their single, “Don’t Wanna Lose You,” are going to the American Cancer Society. Cancer organizations sponsored the Hunters with “comfort items,” such as fleece blankets, that they can provide to any cancer survivor they encounter. 

When Rebecca Hunter was diagnosed with cancer, Robert Hunter asked her what she wanted from this. She said she wanted him to finish the book. According to Robert Hunter, she said, “I want to be there with you, and even if I can’t be there, promise me you’ll do it.” 

Robert Hunter promised he would. He said he was scared of this situation, but seeing his wife’s strength made him less scared.

While writing “Relapse,” his main intent was to make Rebecca Hunter laugh with every page. If she didn’t laugh at a page, he would scrap it and try again. 

The Hunters met many cancer survivors who said they needed a laugh and were glad they got it from Robert Hunter’s book. Robert Hunter said he was surprised to have inspired a Chili’s waiter by encouraging him to live life to the fullest since life is so short.

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