Organization Highlight: UBORA Men of IUP

The UBORA Men of IUP will be having their "Excellence in Progress" event on April 15.

Despite being one of the youngest organizations on campus, the UBORA Men of IUP (UMI) have been making a significant impact on campus. 

Founded in 2020, the UMI was founded with the purpose of empowering Black and Brown students who identify as males and are enrolled at IUP. Although the primary goal of UBORA is to uplift specifically those who identify as Black or Brown, all students who identify as males are welcome to join the organization.

The organization was initially inspired by an organization at Delaware State University called the Faithful Black Men Association. Many students felt that an organization focused on uplifting specifically men of color was something that significantly improves their experience on campus.

“I am glad to have such an organization that helps Black and Brown men navigate through IUP’s campus,” Malik Turner (junior, communications media), UBORA’s president said.

To achieve its goals, UBORA hosts several different kinds of events throughout the academic year, usually bringing a speaker that also identifies as a Black or as a Brown man.

Notoriously, the organization has its “Excellence in Progress” conference on April 15. The conference will be held in the auditorium of the Eberly College of Business from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

The conference will feature two prominent guest speakers.

One being Dr. Joel Brown, a professor at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. According to Hofstra’s website, Dr. Brown is a professor in the department of counseling and mental health professions.

The other speaker is Caleb Wright, a motivational speaker who is the founder of Wright Inspiration LLC; an organization focused on helping people achieve their potential and be inspiring.

The conference will also feature some workshops, named “Money, Money, Money;” “My Brand is my Superpower;” “Mental Health” and “Leadership and Influence.” Other benefits include free lunch, network opportunities and a “swag bag.” The first fifty students to arrive at the conference on its day will also get a free headshot picture taken.

On top of large-scale events, the organization also does events that may seem as “smaller scale” but may have a significant impact on a student.

For instance, last month, the organization had its “Ties and Time” event which featured three alumni speakers who taught the attendants how to dress for success and how tie a tie. Many may think that this event may seem redundant or unnecessary; however, a tie is a significant piece of professional wear for men, and many students who identify as males may have never had a paternal figure to teach them how to wear one.

On top of hosting events the organization meets regularly every Monday at 5.p.m. at Elkin Hall, room 114.

“[UBORA] has impacted on me just by giving me someone I can rely on [and] talk to every Monday,” Rafael Velazquez (freshman, accounting) said in a promotional video for the organization.

Students interested in joining UMI may reach out to Malik Turner at Students interested in signing up for the upcoming “Excellence in Progress” conference may do so at The conference is free for IUP students and $10 for non-students.

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