Northern Suites offered a slime event to help students deal with stress

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Northern Suites hosted a Halloween slime party Wednesday in the first-floor lobby area. 

The RAs in Northern Suites thought it’d be fun and interesting to have a slime-making activity because it is the natural sciences and mathematics residence hall. 

The act of slime-making is more on the science side, since, slime isn’t a solid or a liquid.   

Seven RA’s of Northern Suites were there greeting students as they walked into the building and welcomed them to participate in the activity. 

Every Wednesday, Northern Suites and the Living Learning Communities (LLC) host fun activities and events in the residence hall. 

Last month, they hosted a Dippin’ Dots party in which residents were able to make their own Dippin’ Dots using liquid nitrogen. The event was a huge success. 

The create-your-own spooky slime event was meant for residents to stop by, interact with their RAs and have fun making and playing with slime.

“The program helps the residents get to know their RA’s and build a sense of a community,” Shane Stafford (junior, biology pre-vet), Northern Suites RA said. 

“We were trying to get that out of this event and also have fun making slime.This event and the slime are Halloween-themed, and there’s different glitter and colors that represent Halloween.” 

The event also was also intended to de-stress residents for a moment with their busy academic and college lives. 

 “It’s midterm season, so everyone is pretty stressed out, and slime is a sort of de-stress,” Breanna McGhee (junior, biology and chemistry), Northern Suites RA said. 

“We put together this event to try to help our residents de-stress, because a lot of our residents are freshmen who are experiencing college for the first time.” 

Residents were interested in the event because of the creative advertising around the building.

“I saw a poster on my floor,” Ariana Velez (freshman, psychology) said. “This event caught my attention because it looked like so much fun.” 

A lot of residents stopped by to have their chance at making spooky slime.

“I like slime and I’m really creative,” Elizabeth Ebert (freshman, communications media) said. “My friend and I read the posters when we were here earlier, and it’s a fun activity.” 

The RAs like events like these because it brings them together with their residents and allows everyone to take a quick break from college and engage in creative activities. 

“I think these kinds of events make a community,” Emine Boz (senior, communications media) , Northern Suites RA, said. “It brings people together, and it gives RAs a chance to interact with residents who aren’t on our floors. 

“It gives people a chance to stop studying and interact with other people and enjoy a fun activity.” 

Residents were able to take home their spooky slime creations. 

The next event is a pancake fundraiser, like Putt and Delaney’s event the week prior. 

“We are having a pancake event next week where residents can text a number, and they can order pancakes, and we deliver it up to their rooms,” Abbi Ward (sophomore, sociology), Northern Suites RA, said. “It will be next Wednesday, Oct. 16 from 9 pm until 12 am.”

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