Disney+ offers a combination of Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic in one place, as well as original and classic films and shows.

This article contains opinion.

The streaming wars are in full effect as more and more services pop up. 

From BET to Netflix, almost every media conglomerate wants a piece of the streaming pie. Disney is no different, as Disney+ is the mouse’s hat that has been thrown into the increasingly crowded ring.

Disney+, like many other services, tries to have an attractive and interactive interface for users to navigate. What makes Disney+ a standout is the collection of different content based on the immense back catalog Disney owns. While the initial collections they offer are low, there is definite room for growth.

From a purely visual standpoint, Disney+ is clean. Large fonts on a dark blue background, animated motion graphics on the various collections (Marvel has the classic flipping comic graphic from their movie intro) and much more. I really enjoy the natural “dark mode” that Disney+ has. 

In addition, the lack of autoplay videos ala Netflix is refreshing. Netflix’s loud, in-your-face self advertising is a double-edged sword that I, for one, do not enjoy most logins. Disney going away from that idea is great to me and puts focus into exploring and exploring.

Disney has an inherit advantage in the fact that they own so much. Disney originals, Star Wars, Marvel and Fox, even National Geographic, something is there to catch the eye. The swath of content is like shopping in a candy store. Everything is shiny and pretty, but the hard part is finding what is the most captivating at that moment in time.

Disney and Marvel are easily the biggest attractions for users to explore. With the premise that movies and shows from years ago will be on the platform, each time I logged in I was excited to see what was there and devasted at what wasn’t.

For example, why is the “Proud Family” movie available to watch but the actual show not? It becomes a game of what is there and what is not. Disney has a lot of leverage with its back catalog, but the real question is if they are able to get newer content on the platform.

Another question is whether the new shows will be available after the full season is over, or after each episode? Disney needs to clarify what their model will be as they have dozens of shows airing on cable networks. 

The actual player itself is pretty good. It’s not convoluted in its approach. It’s clean like the rest of the interface. The added benefit is that Disney has the most high resolution versions of movies and they all look stunning on a 4K television. Even on mobile, my Google Pixel 3 XL played Avengers: Endgame in all of its 4KUHD glory.

Speaking of the mobile app, the interface is similar to its PC and TV app brethren. That allows for an easier time to scroll through content instead of learning a new interface like other services. 

In the extras page of movies, there are popular clips and bonuses that would otherwise be held to Blu-ray and DVD. 

Disney+ is an exciting new entry in the streaming wars that I think will corner a lot more than the 10 million already subscribed. With an excellent back catalog, clean interface, exclusive new content, and much more to come, $6.99 is not a bad price to pay for the newest kid on the block.

Disney+ also has a bundle with Hulu and ESPN+ for $11.99.

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