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The film industry is a constant, and big movies can gather cult

followings or become viewing events. Streaming services have updated cinema and created a new side of it all. In 2020, there are a ton of high-profile movies coming out that are sure to define pop culture for the year. 


Pixar is back with its new family film “Soul.” The trailer is

something nice and special, and it reminded me of “Inside Out” with the heart of “Ratatouille.” The film is about a jazz musician played by Jamie Foxx who comes in contact with a soul who is skeptical about humans. The film also stars Tina Fey and is set to come out June 19. 


Image Comics is entering the superhero craze with this movie and will contend with Marvel and DC. “Bloodshot” will be a rated-R superhero movie and will focus on a super-soldier constantly doubting reality and trying to get to the bottom of it all. Vin Diesel plays the protagonist, and the movie also stars Guy Pearce and Eiza Gonzalez. Bloodshot is set to come out Feb. 21. 


In terms of movies to go see with your family, “Dolittle” looks perfect for that. Robert Downey Jr. plays the eccentric doctor has to come out of retirement and go on a voyage to find a cure for the young queen’s mysterious ailment. He is aided, of course, by his star-studded cast of animals. The film will also star Tom Holland, Rami Malek, John Cena, Ralph Fiennes, Selena Gomez, Kumail Nanjiani, Octavia Spencer and Susan Downey. “Dolittle” is set to release Jan. 17. 

“Bad Boys For Life”

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back for the third installment in the much-beloved “Bad Boys” franchise. The action adventure movie will see the old-school bad boys come in contact with new school officers when a new threat emerges. The film will come out Jan. 17th and also stars Vanessa Hudgens. 

“Birds of Prey”

“Suicide Squad” was a critically trashed movie that ignited a ton of fan buzz as well as interesting a new generation of fans. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was a fan-favorite, and, inside of a solo movie, she is returning with a posse film of femme fatales. 

The film will feature comic book favorites like Huntress, Black Mask, Black Canary and Cassandra Cain. “Birds of Prey” will feature Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ewan MacGregor and Rosie Perez. “Birds of Prey” comes out Feb. 7. 

“Black Widow” 

In terms of superheroes, Marvel isn’t going anywhere. The hotly anticipated “Black Widow” solo film is coming out May 1 and will follow the spy-turned-heroine before the events of the first “Avengers” movie. Details are scarce, but the first trailer is out and stars Scarlett Johansson, David Arbour, Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz. 

“Ghostbusters: Afterlife”

After a hugely polarizing

sequel a few years ago, the “Ghostbusters” franchise is back. The story follows a single mother and her two kids who move to a new town, only to find their connection to the original Ghostbuster legacy. The film is set to release July 10 and will star Finn Wolfhard and Paul Rudd. 

“No Time to Die” 

The “James Bond” franchise is coming back as well with Daniel Craig as the infamous spy. The film will also star Ralph Fiennes, Ana de Armas, Lea Seydoux and Rami Malek in a villainous role. The movie will feature James Bond leaving a life of peace for a mission that turns out to be more treacherous than ever expected. It is set to release April 10. 

“Wonder Woman 1984”

The sequel to the crowd-pleasing “Wonder Woman” is coming June 5. The movie will feature Gal Gadot in the titular role and Chris Pine in a surprising return role. The villains will be played by Pedro Pascal and Kristin Wiig. The trailer is out and follows Wonder Woman in a wildly colorful ‘80s adventure story. 


In a long line of Disney live-action remakes, this one excites me the most. The classic movie “Mulan” is being retold in live action and will feature a noticeable shift from the source material. That being said, the changes have been made for the sake of creativity and regional accuracy. The trailer is out, and the movie is coming to theaters March 27. 


This is one of my most highly anticipated films coming out in 2020. It is set in World War I and is about two soldiers who are given an almost impossible task to deliver a message across enemy lines to save the lives of hundreds. The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Colin Firth and premieres June 10. 


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