A variety of projects will be done at the craft hour, so there will be an activity for everyone.

BACCHUS is now offering a craft hour to help students destress and relax.

The craft hour, called Nash’s Crimson Crafts, is host by Nash Peters, a member of BACCHUS. The craft hour takes place over Zoom.

Nash’s Crimson Crafts is an event in which students can make different kinds of crafts every week. Some of the crafts include friendship bracelets, popsicle stick hexagon shelves, stress balls, yarn wall hangings, bookmarks and more.

Between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. every Monday, students will be given the opportunity to participate in Nash’s Crimson Crafts. Within this hour, people can relax, create friendships, build self-esteem and help with insomnia.

Peters hopes for the craft hour to signify a time for students to relax while being able to unleash their own creativity.

“Every craft has room for each student to personalize it and make it their own,” Peters said. “I want this to be an opportunity for students to destress and have fun with their friends.”

The craft hour can be beneficial for students who have trouble sleeping and want to make new friends.

Insomnia does not allow you to fall and stay asleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, knitting and crocheting can be a therapeutic way to lose yourself in motion. Knitting can be considered as active mediation, which helps relax your mind by focusing on the pattern of your creation.

Making bracelets is a great way to keep you simultaneously focused and active, which may also make you sleep better and longer. Also, they can be a great accessory for you and your friends.

You could have the opportunity of making plenty of new friends at Nash’s Crimson Crafts. Creating projects can help improve relationships with others because it provides an opportunity to spend time with other students. People tend to realize their common interests when they are in a peaceful environment where they can fully express themselves.

Art can be a common interest for many. Many like it because of the possibilities. You can create art by painting, coloring, sketching, knitting and making crafts.

Art may either your hobby or your passion. You could sketch designs in your notebook, write your name over and over or dot the border of your paper when you are bored. These are all small ways that may help you relieve just a little bit of stress during the day.

Students tend to lack focus and drift off to sleep when they are stressed out. Some stress signals are headaches, restlessness, insomnia and constantly worrying.

If you want to take break from stress, plan to attend Nash’s Crimson Crafts at 5 p.m. Monday. You can also check Crimson Connect or contact Nash Peters for more information about the craft hour.

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