Students reveal they will do things such as eating candy and chocolate on Easter weekend.

Tradition has evolved as society and culture has evolved; however, tradition is still something many individuals and families still cherish. 

Cultural continuity in social attitudes and customs can vary depending on religion and individual families. On Easter, a lot of people attend church services and then have an Easter dinner afterward.

“My family and I have our traditional Easter feast,” Mackenzie Morgan (sophomore, nursing) said. “It’s a tradition we’ve had for years, and everyone in my family brings a dish to share. On Easter Sunday, we plan on going to church.” 

For a lot of families, Easter is a time to see and visit extended family. 

“We usually go to my grandma’s house on my mom’s side and have an Easter dinner,” Veronica Fallert (junior, journalism and public relations) said. “And my family still does the egg hunt, basket and dying eggs for my little brother.” 

Easter is also typically celebrated with activities such as egg dying, chocolate, egg hunts and a visit from the Easter bunny for young children. 

 “I’m going home for Easter,” Aubrey Brown (junior, journalism and public relations) said. “We dye eggs for a tradition, and this year we have chickens, and we’ll be able to use their eggs to dye.” 

 While Easter is celebrated as a religious holiday for some, it’s a social holiday full of traditions for others. 

Students will not get an extended weekend because of the holiday, which influences some of their decisions to go home.

“I do not have any plans for Easter,” Morgan Stewart (senior, biology and pre-veterinarian) said. “I plan on staying in Indiana and studying.” 

Others are planning on going home, celebrating Easter and taking part in family traditions. 

“I plan on going home Friday after class,” Dallas Ruppenthal (senior, management and human resources) said. “My family isn’t religious, but it’s a family tradition and a Maryland thing that we eat crabs on Easter. We are also going to watch Game of Thrones.” 

Some students who have part-time jobs are planning on working over the weekend, despite it being a holiday weekend. 

“I’ll probably be in Pittsburgh,” D’Andre Clark (sophomore, communications media) said. “I’ll be working, but also spending time with my family.” 

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