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“Mario Kart Tour,” Nintendo’s newest mobile game, is bringing back many nostalgic feelings to people who played “Mario Kart” on GameCube as a child. 

This new game will be Nintendo’s third Mario game to come to mobile devices, following “Super Mario Run” and “Dr. Mario World.” 

The game was supposed to be released early 2019 after being officially announced as in the development stage in February 2018. The game is now supposed to be released Sept. 25. 

Fans have been waiting almost two years for the release of a new “Mario Kart” game. 

The leaked information from the closed beta stage has informed fans that the game will include many in-app currencies, meaning that to get to play as some of your favorite characters, you may need to buy them. 

Like Nintendo’s previous mobile games, fans assume that “Mario Kart Tour” will be free to download, but to play on certain tracks or get certain characters, there will be an additional fee. There will be 30 characters in the game, but it is unknown how many of them will be free and which you have to pay to unlock. 

Fans hope that the game will be released on both Android and iOS. From previews of the game, you can see how the characters drive and to control the direction of the kart, you must drag your finger across the screen either left or right. The hope is that by the time the game is released, they will make it function similarly to how you control the kart on the Wii. Fans believe it would be much easier to control the cart by tilting your phone in the direction you wish the kart to go. 

From the previews, we also see that the game is played with eight players including yourself. The other seven players are online, connected through the internet. 

The game will also include new courses inspired by locations all around the world like Paris, Tokyo and New York City. 

When Nintendo releases “Mario Kart” games, they are usually restricted to one console, such as a Wii. It is unknown if “Mario Kart Tour” will be only a mobile game or if it will eventually be played on other systems. 

“Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,” a revamped version of Nintendo’s “Mario Kart 8,” was created solely for Nintendo Switch. As of today, it is still the Switch’s best-selling game. 

“Mario Kart” made its debut in 1992, with the game “Super Mario Kart.” Like the most recent “Mario Kart” games, this one had eight racers. The game was made for Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System. “Super Mario Kart” is still one of Nintendo’s most popular game releases of all time. 

Five years later, Nintendo released its second “Mario Kart” game, “Mario Kart 64.” This game was created for its Nintendo 64 system. The change to the original game that continues today making it so that four players could race against each other. 

The first portable version of the game was created in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance. All the courses from the original game remained the same. 

The game came to GameCube in 2003 in the form of “Mario Kart: Double Dash.” This game was unlike any other “Mario Kart” version before it. In this game, there were two characters per kart, and you could transition between them depending on which you wanted to control the kart and which you wanted to throw items at other players. There were 20 racers in this game, compared to the eight racers in the previous games. Another difference in this game was that all characters had a specific weapon that they could use. 

“Mario Kart” came to everyone’s favorite mobile gaming system, Nintendo DS, in 2005. This was the first game to use WiFi, allowing players to race online. The game utilizes the DS’s dual displays by showing players a map of the course and their own player. 

Writer’s note: I had a rose gold DS back in ‘06 and dropped it between my legs and into the toilet while trying to use the bathroom and play Mario Kart simultaneously. 

The game was released for the Wii in 2008. This was the first “Mario Kart” game to take advantage of the Wii’s motion controls. We all remember having a death grip on the Wiimote as we tilted with our characters on screen. Some people even had the special plastic steering wheel that you could put your Wii remote in for even easier control of your kart. For this game, Nintendo also added motorcycles to the mix of vehicles you could choose. 

I used to get so competitive with this game that one time, when I placed second and my younger brother placed first, I took my remote out of the plastic steering wheel and threw it at his head. After that, I wasn’t allowed to play the game for two weeks and had to listen to a long monologue from my mother about “controlling my anger.” 

When the Wii U was released, Nintendo created yet another updated version of the “Mario Kart” series, and this game was “Mario Kart 8.” This game gave players the ability to drive their karts up walls and spiral upside down. Players were able to choose between 30 different race characters. This game allows users to play on the Wii’s gamepad as well as the regular remote. 

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