The Holiday’s may be adopting some new traditions this year, but there are many old ones that we’ve forgotten about over the years.

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays where mostly everyone participates in the same things. However, there are some traditions that have been forgotten over the years, and they are listed below.

Retelling the story of the first Thanksgiving

Although we learned about the first Thanksgiving in elementary school, it’s important to brush up on all the facts. Whether it be from a history book or a TV documentary. It’s important to know the origin as to why we celebrate this day even hundreds of years later.

Using place cards

Believe it or not, many people in the past used to make festive place cards with every guest’s name on it which was placed at their seat. This small gesture helped guests feel extra special at the meal since it is a family-centered dinner that brings togetherness.

Splitting the wishbone

Although it’s a superstition, that’s what makes it fun. This is especially fun for younger guests to make a wish on the holiday.

Two people hold their own end of the wishbone of the turkey, make a wish, and the person holding the longer piece was said to have good fortune or their wish granted. This tradition comes from the Romans. It was also believed that birds could bring good luck and are very powerful.

Passing down family recipes

Sure, it’s nice to have all the delicious traditional foods each year, but why not try something new? Traditions are made from trying new things, right? Thanksgiving is the perfect time to break out an old recipe and cook it with family.

Taking an annual

Thanksgiving walk

In the past, many families would walk in the morning or right after they eat in order to walk off some of those Thanksgiving pounds. It’s important to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of fall before winter finally appears.

Reflecting on the year

2020 sure has been an unusual year. Take this time to go around the table and talk about how we’ve grown from start to finish. Even though this year is hard to find something to be thankful for, we can all talk about how it’s forced us to grow from a comfort zone.

Playing your own Turkey Bowl rather than watching it

Thanksgiving is a huge day for football lovers. Yet, very rarely do people take part in their own football game on Thanksgiving morning. This is a tradition that helps us bring joy to the holiday along with much needed physical activity.

Start binge watching a new show

Not often do we have time to slow down and take some time with family. Kick off your holiday season early by binge watching Christmas movies or TV shows to get you in the spirit for the upcoming month ahead. This is a great way to bond with family and to unwind.

As you can see there are many Thanksgiving traditions that have been lost in the shuffle over the years.

This year hasn’t been easy on any of us, but it’s an important time to say what we’re thankful for and focus on the things that haven’t changed: the ability to bring back or start a new tradition

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