The Artists Hand

The Artists Hand is located in downtown Indiana and offers cafe and bakery items as well as local art for sale.

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IUP’s radio station, WIUP-FM, hosted a concert with The Artists Hand, a cafe on Philadelphia Street, on Thursday. 

The Artists Hand is a place to lounge and enjoy artwork and warm drinks. This event was a more unplugged, acoustic and personal way to enjoy artists and their work. 

The atmosphere was colorful. It was warm, and the artists had attention while people could still talk and enjoy each other’s company. People came in groups with their friends and sat around tables with their orders and the live music. 

A lot of people knew the

musicians and had come to

support and listen. A number of the musicians also knew each

other, and there was an atmosphere of positivity and support.

The first group had both instrumental songs and lyrical songs. Its lead singer had a very deep, lilting voice that I found to be quite unique and a pleasure to listen to. They got the energy going and were a great icebreaker for the evening while also having their own personality. The band played “Misirilou” at one point and created a fun experience. 

Maren Krizner was the second act. She mostly performed her own music but also played two covers. She had a great stage presence and got everyone engaged with her music. She also performed a cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” mixed with Cage The Elephant’s “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked.” 

After Krizner played, another singer/songwriter, Kaela Cardarella, performed her set. She had a haunting voice that carried very well, and her songs were all catchy. Her melodies were memorable and easy to get into. 

She ended her set with her favorite song, a smooth, soaring version of “House of the Rising Sun.” 

The fourth set for the evening was a new group named Solar

Opposites. Solar Opposites is made up of two members, Nate Janov and EJ Fabiszewski, both musicians in their own right. They had a fun chemistry, and Fabiszewski would tell corny puns in between each song while Janov would try to explain the process. 

They started creating their first songs about a month ago, and

The Artists Hand Unplugged

hosted their first joint performance. Their voices harmonized well together, and they had a unique energy that was a joy to watch. A number of their songs had a back-and-forth lyrical style and lyrics that were personable and often funny while still conveying real emotions and carrying a tone. 

Twin Trees, a band, ended the night with fun covers of classic songs and a confident approach to the stage.

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