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(Lil Wayne’s newest album, “Funeral,” debuted Jan. 31 and already has a cult following.

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Lil Wayne’s newest LP “Funeral” represents the evolution of the legendary rapper and the consequences that evolution brings. 

Starting off with the opening number “Funeral,” the tone of the album definitely is ingrained in the modern “trap” rhythm. Hard-hitting 808s, mumbled lyrics, and the usual simple melodies that accompany this genre all are prevalent in almost every song. If you like that sort of thing, you’ll likely enjoy the album as a fun, club-banger playlist. If you do not like mumble rap and are looking for more of the boom-bap themes and lyrical values that Wayne can and has produced, they aren’t here.

While there are a few notable songs that stand out among the noise of the bass, they fail to heighten the Louisiana native above the standard crop of this year’s freshmen. However, that isn’t to say that there aren’t any moments of genius. As is in every Weezy album, the man has a knack of throwing words together in a way that very few have matched. Hidden among the dryer sounds are incredibly layered samples and unusual arrangements to keep the listener guessing. 

Seeing as this is the first album after “Tha Carter V,” many thought that Wayne was ready to hang it up. However, here it seems that the artist is dipping into his renaissance, much like Eminem over the last few years. From one lens, the droning and fast-paced word flow may be exhaustive save for a few gems like “Trust Nobody” or  “Wayne’s World.” From another, this is a 24-song LP that plays like one long recording session. It is honestly impressive how much Wayne can say in his freestyles without needing to pause for thought.

Overall, this album is not on the level of his “Carter” series of albums. Yet, I feel Funeral was intentionally made this way. Wayne is coming back to claim his throne. This LP alone shows how versatile he is on generic trap tracks, imagine what a “Carter VI” will sound like whenever he gets around to assembling it. I recommend that you listen to this with the intention of getting ready to go out and have fun, not just for the lyrics. 

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