LaSO hosts trivia night, part of 'Para la Cultura" series

More information about events that LaSO is doing for the remainder of the school year can be found on Instagram or on Crimson Connect. 

Yesterday, Sept. 20, IUP’s Latino Student Organization (LaSO) hosted a Jeopardy style Trivia Night.

The event took place in Jane Leonard Hall (formerly known as the Humanities and Social Sciences ‘HSS’ building), from 6 p.m. until 7:30 p.m..

According to LaSO’s Crimson Connect article about the trivia night, the event was done as a part of LaSO’s “Para la Cultura” series.

The “Para la Cultura,” is a series sponsored by LaSO meant to educate and bring awareness to an important topic or issue regarding the Latino community. It was originally launched last semester when the organization invited Dr. Molina to speak on the topic of Colorism, as part of LaSO’s campaign of celebrating Black History Month.

From then on, each “Para la Cultura” event has taken form in a different way. Some examples include watching a documentary about Chavela Vargas, writing letters to a Latina-focused women’s shelter for International Women’s Day, and a “Grad School Opportunities” presentation.

According to the Crimson Connect article, the highlighted theme of yesterday’s Para La Cultura event was Hispanic Heritage Month, which began last Thursday, and it will last until Oct. 15.

“The executive board thought it would be more fun to promote some fun facts about Latinos and our culture through a game than through a lecture,” the statement issued by LaSO’s executive board on Crimson Connect said.

Just as in Jeopardy, there were six categories the contestants could choose from with each category having five questions ranging in both difficulty and number of points worth. The categories were: historical Latino figures, flags of Latin America, capitals of Latin America, countries in Latin America, Latino figures, and a “random” category tackling cultural things such as food and sports.

“Some things are really important to know, like who Sonya Sotomayor is and what does she represent, while others are just really fun,” the executive board added on the statement. “Who wouldn’t like to hear more about Bad Bunny these days?”

Students who attended the trivia night were divided into three teams while the game was MCed by LaSO’s president. The winning team got to take home a bag of candy, but as said by the MC the real prize was “the knowledge they acquired.” After trivia, some students remained in the room and played a round of Kahoot.

Students interested in joining LaSO may do so by contacting the organization through Crimson Connect’s “contact” feature or by reaching out to the organization on its Instagram account @iup_laso.

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