IUP’s Marching Band, “The Legend” is celebrating its 100 year anniversary with an alumni and music-filled weekend of events.

Dr. Zach Cheever, director of “The Legend” marching band said, “It’s a true honor to be the director because I get to do one of my favorite things. I get to marry the past with the present. The past has all this rich tradition and history, while the present has all these new opportunities and these new ideas that we get to meld together to create this current conglomerate that is our band program.”

As for the alumni that will be coming back on campus this weekend, there will be about 900 in total. The largest event will have about 600 alumni, but there will be about 900 here. The programming for this weekend was designed so that alumni could pick and choose which events they would like to be a part of.

With over 900 alumni coming back, this 100-year celebration will be the new record for the amount of IUP alumni attending any event in IUP history.

This weekend, IUP’s football team is playing against Clarion. The halftime show will look very different this time. “The Legend” will take a trip down memory lane by playing pieces of music from past seasons.

Dr. Cheever makes it known that he is so proud of his current students and all of the work they’ve put in this year. 

“For my current students, I’m so proud of the work they’ve put in. With COVID-19 and everything they’ve gone through, it’s just been really hard for the music community. We haven’t been able to make live music in a long time,” said Cheever. “Now, as we make live music again, I just want them to continue to live in the moment and reach for excellence like they have been all season.”

For dedicated IUP football fans, this season looks a little bit different for “The Legend” under the direction of Dr. Cheever. Between students, administrators and Dr. Cheever, they came to the agreement that they wanted to be more involved in the culture of IUP’s campus, and IUP athletics.

“We created our version of a playbook,” said Cheever. “We said, ‘Okay, we’re going to play every down, we’re going to be involved in the culture of IUP football,’ and that has expanded now, we’re now involved in the culture of IUP athletics. We are involved in the culture of the campus at IUP.”

Just like Dr. Cheever makes all of his band feel welcomed, IUP did the same thing for him when he interviewed here. He knew it was the place for him, and in five short months he has been able to build up “The Legend.” He has also aimed to create a music program that focuses on positive energy, vibrancy and uplifting the students in the program.

Another thing that sets “The Legend” apart from other bands is that Dr. Cheever arranges the music to perfectly showcase the talents of the band. 

“A lot of the time when you buy stock arrangements, you fall into these deficiencies because you’re buying something for a general ensemble,” said Cheever. “We have a unique Legend, so I get to be really intentional about the way I arrange and design for them that makes them successful.”

In addition to the exciting upcoming events for this weekend, “Sustaining Grace” will debut. It is a documentary created and produced by Mary Megna '81 and Jarrell Verbecken '18, and tells “The Legend’s” historical journey with the song “Amazing Grace.”

More information about the schedule of events for this weekend, as well as registration information can be found here: https://www.alumni.iup.edu/s/894/bp21/project.aspx?sid=894&gid=1&pgid=3950&cid=8233&ecid=8233

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