The Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Center (KCAC) was packed on Friday for many hours during IUP Day. 

IUP Day returned to campus with a tremendous turnout of students excited to see the organizations that IUP has to offer.

On Sept. 10, IUP hosted IUP Day in the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex (KCAC). The event is meant to be an opportunity for different campus clubs and organizations to get their names out and try to recruit new members.

Tons of groups, from the Latino Student Organization (LaSO) to Insomnia Cookies, made an appearance at the event. Coupled with the large number of groups at the event, there were presentations shown by some of the clubs like the fencing display by the IUP Fencing Club which was shown on a big screen for everyone to see.

Considering that this event marked one of the first major IUP campus activities since the start of COVID-19, many students were happy to be given the opportunity to experience a bit of what the campus was like prior to the pandemic.

“I truthfully liked seeing everyone in person,” Emma Naugle (freshman, special education) said. “I have not been to any big events since the start of the pandemic. It was really awesome to connect with people running the stands.”

Naugle went on to say that, in her mind, IUP hosts the event as a way for the student body to see what kinds of organizations there are on campus. Seeing as there are so many different groups, all that have their own interests and meeting times, there is bound to be something that appeals to each student. The event also helps to make some organizations more known, as when there are so many varied groups on campus, it can be harder to learn about some of the more niche groups that IUP has to offer.

Along with awareness for the different clubs, there was also a lot of free goods given to attempt to incentivize students to join different groups. From food to school supplies, there was a lot to pick up at the event.

“My favorite part of the event was probably a tie between all the free stuff and getting to talk to a bunch of different people that I normally would not see,” Bridget Gardner (sophomore, environmental engineering) said. “I feel that IUP hosts the event to help promote different organizations at IUP.”

Gardner went on to say that she gave her email to a vast majority of the organizations that were at the event. There was a lot there, but, out of them all, Gardner liked the sailing club and the chemistry fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE) most.

While the free materials to grab were appealing for Gardner and some other students, there was also the element of pure socialization that was an enticement. Being able to go with a group of friends to see the different clubs was a method that was done by several students.

“Socializing with all the representatives from the variety organizations was my favorite part,” Sydney Bower (freshman, political science). “I signed up for multiple organizations which include the radio station, lacrosse, student government and the political leadership society.”

With all of that going on to make the event fun for IUP students, even IUP president Michael Driscoll made an appearance at the event, meeting with each of the different groups present and taking pictures with the members. It was clear that the IUP student community is as strong as ever based on the high attendance of the event.

With the goal of increasing recruitment for the clubs and organizations on campus, IUP Day proved to have a massive turnout that will likely lead to more students attending the many clubs that IUP has to offer.

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