Pita Pit announced April 25 will be the final day it will be open. 

A local Indiana foodie favorite will be closing its doors later this month.

Pita Pit, at 740 Philadelphia St., will be serving the community for the last time April 25. Known for its variety of flavors and its lowered $4.20 price every April 20, the store is left to close due to franchising problems. 

Though two people have reportedly shown interest, the closing date remains the same. The sign on the door says they may close even sooner if they run out of supplies quickly.

The Indiana Gazette reported that the Pita Pit USA company does not want to keep the stores corporate-owned any longer.

After learning of the news, students at IUP and locals of Indiana were not happy.

Casey Doyle (sophomore, anthropology) was shocked by the announcement. She said she was a fan of its gyro pitas and is sad to see the store close. Though she did have a few issues with it, she found it to be one of the better places to eat in Indiana.

“Honestly I feel like the prices are a little high, but the whole variety of vegetables for the pitas is great,” she said.

Doyle, a member of the fencing club, said she will remember going to Pita Pit with the rest of the team after practices or just to hang out. 

“It was just something different from the food places close to campus,” she said. 

Indiana resident Sue Kownacki said she enjoyed going there whenever possible and finds the closing to be “an end of an era.”

“I’m really sad that Pita Pit is closing,” Kownacki said. “I have a lot of memories of going with friends there when I was a student. It’s going to be weird now knowing we cannot go to it anymore. 

“Pitas are great, and there aren’t other places around who make them.”

When questioned about their closing, Pita Pit made no comment.

The Pita Pit in Indiana has been a part of the area since 2005 and will not be the only one closing down. Many across the U.S. have already shut their doors due to the franchising concerns. 

Anyone interested in franchising the store can visit the website pitapitusa.com or email franchising@pitapitusa.com for more information. 

The sign on the door also states that inquirers can learn more details in the store.

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