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Most girls have different priorities than boys when it comes to public bathroom standards. 

While cleanliness is definitely a leading factor, whether or not stalls have places to dispose of sanitary products and if there is a floor-length mirror can affect bathroom quality. 

To help the women who are looking for the highest quality bathrooms on campus, and to avoid the ones that may induce feelings of claustrophobia or invoke a gag reflex, here are The Penn’s top women’s bathrooms on campus for 2019. 

1. Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSS),

 Fourth Floor 

This bathroom has all the qualities women should look for when choosing a bathroom to use. It is always clean and usually empty, has a variety of Bath and Body Works soaps to choose from and has a good selection of stalls to occupy, as well as a cute basket of free sanitary products to take in case of an emergency. Most girls definitely appreciate the free products since most of us have had at least one traumatic situation before with no sanitary products available. 

To top it off, the bathroom has a floor-length mirror for women to examine themselves head to toe. 

2. Johnson Hall, First Floor 

Even though this bathroom is small, it is packed full of many essentials. Inside, there is a bin full of beauty products and supplies for anyone to use. The bin contains hairspray, sanitary products, bobby pins, safety pins, Band-Aids, hair ties, mints and hand lotion. What more could a girl ask for? 

3. HSS, Fifth Floor

Like the fourth-floor bathroom, this one is almost always empty and clean. The best part about this bathroom would be the lovely smelling soaps and lotions provided “to bring a smile to your day.”   

4. Ackerman Hall, First Floor 

This bathroom is the signature pink color many other older campus bathrooms are. While it may look straight of out the ‘70s, this bathroom is always well-lit and has a huge floor-length mirror to take “outfit of the day” selfies in. Fashion merchandising students have even used it for photoshoots. 

5. Stright Hall, Second Floor

While Stright might not be everyone’s favorite building to frequent, the second-floor women’s bathroom is definitely one of the best on campus. It has only three stalls, but it has quite a lot of space and a chair to lounge in if waiting for a stall to open up. It also has a lovely window that is partially inside the handicap stall so you can relieve yourself while watching students filter through the parking lot. 

6. Hadley Union Building (HUB), Next to the Monongahela Room 

This bathroom is great because it is so rarely used due to its location. It has lots of stalls to choose from, hand dryers, paper towels and metal bins in every stall to dispose sanitary products in, and its clean, modern amenities are always a plus. 

7. Stouffer Hall, Basement

Though this bathroom may be relatively small in comparison to others on campus, it has a lot going for it. The window inside has a nice view, and the bathroom overall is very spacious.   

(Personal testimony:  I’m not going to lie. I did peek inside the boys’ Stouffer Hall basement bathroom since it was rated at the top of the boys’ list. Personally, I didn’t see what was so great about it after experiencing the luxuries in the fourth- and fifth-floor HSS bathrooms.)

8. Uhler Hall, First Floor 

Aesthetic color schemes make bathroom experiences so much more enjoyable. That’s why this one in Uhler Hall is so nice. The tones of teal and blue used with the chrome metal stalls and the lighting from the large window makes it a very nice bathroom to use. 

9. HSS, Basement 

This restroom most likely has more stalls to choose from than any other bathroom on campus. Since it is so large, there is almost always a stall available. People who have certain stall preferences, like the ones closest to the wall or located toward the middle, will definitely enjoy the selection in this restroom. 

10. HUB (TV Room) 

Located conveniently right above the food court in the HUB, this bathroom is great to use when you may have eaten too much and need to relieve yourself. Unlike the downstairs restroom, this one is not usually very populated, making it perfect for after you devour your Chick-fil-A meal and milkshake.  

Some of the Worst 

Library, Second Floor 

From the dewy smell to the muted, yellow color of the bathroom and the multitude of unflushed toilets, this bathroom is definitely one to avoid. 

Weyandt, First Floor 

This bathroom is by far the worst on campus. First, it is usually pretty dirty, and many of the toilets are usually unflushed. The handicap stall is the size of a normal stall, except slightly longer. Trying to fit a wheelchair inside that stall would involve a lot of tricky maneuvering. 

Stouffer, First Floor next to Beard Auditorium 

You’d expect a bathroom positioned next to an auditorium used for events to have more than one stall. Sadly, this bathroom has only a single stall to use. 

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