Hippo Campus performed for approximately an hour during Thursday’s live concert. Jake Luppen is the band’s lead singer

On Thursday, the Student Activity Committee (STATIC) was proud to welcome Hippo Campus to the virtual stage for a live concert for IUP community members.

The Zoom waiting room opened at 7:45 p.m., and the concert began promptly at 8 p.m. with a short introduction from the STATIC team and a reading of a portion of the band’s biography. Then, the five band members were welcomed to the stage by STATIC team members and the IUP community and the concert was kicked off.

The band began the show with one of their most popular songs titled “Bambi.” Throughout the concert portion of the night, there was a huge screen behind the stage, which scrolled various eye-catching visuals and effects to go with each of their songs. The lights on either side of the stage were programmed to react to the music as well. Even the stage had colorful moving projections strewn across it at certain points during the performance.

Throughout their performance, the band joked around with the virtual audience. The joking was mainly fueled by the playful and amusing comments from Zach Sutton.

Sutton, the band’s bassist and keyboard player, spouted various IUP facts throughout the night and the band laughed along to his hilarious random commentary.

Hippo Campus played some of their most popular songs, including “Way it Goes,” “Baseball,” “Honestly,” “Warm Glow” and “South” among many other songs.

They saved one of their most popular songs, “Buttercup,” as their performance finale. They also played some of their lesser-known songs like “Vacation” from their 2017 album, “Landmark,” “Bang Bang,” which has not yet been released and “No Poms,” which was released in Demos II in 2019.

The band played about 15 of their songs during the concert portion of the event. After the show, the five members took a short break after their energetic and engaging performance. They settled themselves onto a row of stools positioned across the stage for the Q&A section of the event.

A few lucky audience members who submitted their questions for the band beforehand on STATIC’s social media were chosen to share their videos on Zoom and ask the band their questions themselves.

Most of the questions were answered by Nathan Stocker, the band’s lead guitarist and vocalist. A few of the questions were claimed by Whistler Allen, the band’s drummer, and Jake Luppen, the lead singer. Sutton was less vocal, and the band’s trumpet player, DeCarlo Jackson, only made a few short contributions.

Some of the questions asked during the Q&A, which lasted about 10 minutes, included how the band came up with their name, what some of their earliest inspirations were, what their favorite song to play live was and how the formation of the band took place.

They shared how the band came together in 2013 after they all met at the Saint Paul Conservatory. They laughed about how their brand-new band started practicing in their dad’s basements. Nathan Stocker also explained how he came up with the band name Hippo Campus during his psychology class.

In medical terms, the hippocampus is a major component of the brain of humans and other vertebrates and plays a vital role in the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory.

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