Since its opening, Simply Nutrition has offered healthy shakes and smoothies for customer.

Nutrition is important in daily life, and, luckily for students, there is a new restaurant that deals with just that.

Simply Nutrition, a restaurant specializing in healthy shakes and teas, opened in July and was started by husband and wife duo Todd and Bre Haley. They are located on Philadelphia Street and encourage students to stop by and have a good time, and the close proximity to campus makes that possible.

“The best part about being so close to campus is that we are within walking distance for the students,” Bre Haley said. “We hope to become a new favorite spot [for students].”

Haley added that Philadelphia Street and, by extension, downtown Indiana have been great places for her husband and her. With the pleasant atmosphere and stores lining the street, Simply Nutrition became a welcome addition to the area.

Considering the variety of businesses in the community, Simply Nutrition manages to fit right in and blend with the area. In addition to this, there was another reason for the Haleys to pursue opening the shop where they did.

“We live in Indiana,” Bre Haley said. “We knew that our area needed healthier options.”

Haley went on to say that her husband and her have started making lifestyle changes in favor of healthier alternatives, which was the inspiration for the restaurant. They want to offer the same opportunities at healthier living that they themselves had.

With that mission in mind, the two made a menu that follows the mindset of promoting good health and nutrition.

“We offer a protein meal replacement shake/smoothie, loaded energy tea, protein iced coffee and different shake boosters and add-ons,” Bre Haley said. “We also have different pre-workout and post-workout options.”

Those are not all that Simply Nutrition has to offer as they boast a menu full of different flavors for each of the different menu items. With such a wide and appealing range of flavors and items to try, there is a lot to experience. For new customers, Haley would recommend a loaded tea and shake combo; a perfect way to get a taste of what the store has to offer.

Despite their wide menu range, Simply Nutrition is not as well-known as the Haleys would like. Luckily, they have plans in the works to get their business name out and more known on campus.

“We are hoping to grow our college customer base by extending our hours in the very near future,” Bre Haley said. “We also plan to do more advertising within campus and be open during big events such as homecoming.”

Haley added that the menu will continue to be expanded to offer more healthy options for students. The store also provides free Wi-Fi as well as a positive atmosphere. The Haleys would love to see students coming in.

More information about Simply Nutrition can be found at its Facebook page. The whole menu can be found there as well as new item promotions and store hours.

With all that in mind, stop by Simply Nutrition along Philadelphia Street for a good experience with some healthy shakes and teas. Tell the Haleys that The Penn sent you their way, and enjoy your time there.

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