Philadelphia Street is home to many restaurants favored by students, including Casa Jalisco, a Mexican restaurant.

Despite having many food options on campus, students often choose to dine at local restaurants around Indiana instead.

Always eating at spots on campus can get a bit boring for some students, so having other options around Indiana is important. Fast food and take-out can also put a damper on your mealtimes throughout the day, in addition to the issue of trying to manage healthier eating. Finding new places to dine around Indiana can help you eat healthier, socialize more and improve your experience while at IUP.

With so many different types of restaurants to choose from, students have no problem finding a place to call their favorite. From Chinese food to your classic burgers and fries, Indiana has a plethora of interesting eateries. So, which restaurants are IUP students loving right now?

“My favorite place to eat in Indiana is the Fortune Buffet,” Alicia Smail (senior, pre-med/biology) said. “They have four big buffet tables to choose from and the food is so good.”

The Fortune Buffet may not be the closest restaurant to campus, but Smail insists that it is worth the drive. With many food options including sushi, soups, noodles and pastries for dessert, the Fortune Buffet has it all. It is also located next to a couple of stores that you can stop in after you eat like Lowe’s, Giant Eagle or Fine Wine and Good Spirits.

“Thai Indiana is my absolute favorite,” Michaela Shaw (senior, psychology and sociology) said. “Casa Jalisco is a close second.”

Thai and Mexican restaurants are relatively abundant around Indiana, so it allows options for those that may prefer one over the other. Thai Indiana and Casa Jalisco Restaurant Mexicano are located on “Philly Street”, or Philadelphia Street, and are surrounded by a few other restaurants and shops. Once you are done eating, you could take a nice walk, do some shopping or find your way back to campus.

“My favorite place to eat is Brunzies,” Brooke Ippolito (senior, secondary English education) said. “It was one of the places I tried my first year, and I've never had anything there I didn’t like.”

Ippolito and her boyfriend go to this spot every time he makes the trip to Indiana. Brunzies is located right off Philadelphia Street and the menu is full of tons of options from burgers to pizza to boneless wings. With drink specials throughout the week, it is popular with many students on campus.

Because Indiana has so many places to get delicious food, it may be difficult to pick just one as your new favorite. Trying new restaurants out and getting to know what other students are liking can help you cut down your multitude of options. Hopefully, with these suggestions from fellow students, you may be able to narrow down your choices and find your new favorite place to eat in Indiana.

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