Green Day’s upcoming album “Father of All...” will be released in 2020.

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After a three-year-hiatus, Green Day hit the music scene with a bang Wednesday following the confirmation that they will be touring and releasing more music in 2020.

Rumors circulated early last week regarding these matters, but Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong proved these rumors true after releasing a new single “Father of All…” around noon and posting the tour poster to the band’s Instagram account.

This tour is named the “Hella Mega Tour presented by Harley-Davidson” and, alongside Green Day, will include rock groups Fall Out Boy, Weezer and The Interruptors, who will open each show. This collaborative tour will focus on promoting new music produced by each group, as well as bring back the days of unstructured rock concerts.

Along with the announcement of the tour, Armstrong announced a new album will be released in 2020, also titled “Father of All…”

In the post’s caption, Armstrong heavily emphasizes that the album is not meant to be a political stand, following the heavily critiqued Revolution Radio – released in 2016 – which mocked Donald Trump’s run for president, but rather a take on surviving the chaos of today.

“Rock has lost its balls,” Armstrong said. “’Glorious’ or ‘glorious anarchy’ seems to be the word that keeps coming up that reflects dancing, tribalism, anxiety, joy, violence, drugs and booze. Dangerous songs for dangerous kids!”

In an interview with Billboard magazine, Armstrong explains that his main influence for the tour and motivation behind it was Woodstock ’94, where a downpour turned the ground into a mud pit, which allowed chaos to ensue.

Fans threw mud balls, rocks and whatever else they could find at the stage, leading to one of the most iconic memories in Woodstock’s long history.

Recalling the mud fight, Armstrong told Billboard “’This is only the beginning,’ I thought, so I just started throwing it back.”

“Father of All…” appears to be an album that focuses solely on Green Day getting back to their punk roots and not written to be a rock opera or political label. 

Since “American Idiot,” released in 2005, the majority of their albums have taken a more political view, whether intentional or sparked from fans. “American Idiot” was the first rock opera written by them and implicitly focused on the events and results of the Iraq War, while “21st Century Breakdown” (2009) takes listeners on a journey through a post-9/11 dystopia where media, government and war shape the country, leaving citizens vulnerable to the manipulation. 

They tried to restructure their image through their trilogy “Uno!,” “Dos!” and “Tre!,” which were released in 2012; however they didn’t live up to the hype. 

And as mentioned previously, “Revolution Radio” (2016) criticized Donald Trump’s presidential race and his ability to lead the country.

This is definitely refreshing to more original fans to see Green Day return to their 1994 image. Pure hard rock is meant to bring rock fans together, rather than separate them through political views and take them through a story.

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