Graduating students thought of songs such as “2016 (Demo)” to represent their college careers in a song.

Studies have shown that music can represent a person’s mood, and it can describe a lot about how a person is feeling about an experience.

Commencement is next week, and graduating students have been through a lot in their years at IUP. Whether their memories are good or bad, they all have opinions about their times here. 

To sum it up, a few of them described the song that best reflected their college memories. 

Wyatt Newell (English) found it to be difficult to answer at first because it was not something he ever considered.

“The question is odd, but was interesting to think about,” he said. “I will go with Frank Zappa’s ‘Orange County Lumber Truck’ because it’s a fun song, and college was a pretty groovy time, I guess.”

The answer was easier to figure out for Michael Pellow (art). His song choice was “My Last Semester” by The Wonder Years. He said it shows how his time was nothing like he thought it would be based on the movie tropes about college life.

“While it is kind of a joke answer, it also reflects how school was for me,” he said. “I kind of kept to myself throughout college and never really got into the stereotypical college lifestyle.”

Some students said that because college has been a rough few years with a ton of studying and busy schedules, their song choices would not be the most uplifting answers.

For Caroline Taylor (finance and legal studies), her choice was “If You’re Going Through Hell” by Rodney Atkins. 

“I just think it’s pretty self-explanatory,” she said.

Not all students focused on the rough patches, however. Some were sentimental toward the times they experienced. This was the case for Kyler Himes (communications media).

Though not graduating until next semester, Himes said that he can already sum up his college career with the song “2016 (Demo)” by Sleeping Sunset.

“Because I’m emotional about dumb things and seeing my graduation get closer makes me sad,” he said as he remembered his time at school.

Despite the fact that not all the graduating students said they had a great time in college, they still have many memories from their time at IUP.

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