The next step after graduation is finding a job.

With the year of 2020 being so hectic, there are many graduates who have accepted the changes of this year.

Graduates have utilized this year as their motivation to finish their schooling and move into the next chapter in their life.

“The best thing IUP has taught me is to never say no and always push myself beyond my limits,” Patricia Pinson (senior, communications media and theater) said.

Her concentration was production in the communications media program. However, she is also currently working toward a certificate in photography. She has learned a lot from her experience at IUP and plans to use the tools taught to her in the future. Her professors motivated her to flourish both academically and personally because of the advice they have given her.

After college, Pinson is willing to work toward becoming a licensed commercial drone pilot and schedule her exam for the Federal Aviation Association. To prepare for this next chapter in her life, she hopes to work with a production crew or photography while developing her own scripts and projects that she will eventually release. Her goals are getting a job and gain some experience in her field before she goes for her grad degree.

Another student similar to Pinson, Tyler Manko (senior, communications media), said that from his experience at IUP, he has learned a lot from Dr. Anna Ortiz.

“With Dr. Ortiz as my advisor, she was very helpful in just showing me which classes that I might be interested in,” Manko said.

Ortiz’s suggestions led him to trying different classes to see what he liked and disliked, which led him to where he is today. Along with Ortiz’s advisory, Manko was able to learn how to be in control of his time management and how to handle everything in a professional manner from each of his professors.

After he graduates, Manko’s next chapter in life includes working in sales or public relations. He plans on applying to jobs this upcoming week, so let’s wish him the best of luck.

Additionally, Kamrynn Wantz (senior, communications media and marketing) has grown personally and professionally during her time at IUP. To help prepare for her future, she attended workshops and mock interviews which has helped her become more comfortable speaking publicly and becoming more of a leader in the classroom.

Wantz’s next step in her new journey is to continue her education at IUP as a graduate student for the strategic communications program. Her dream job is to work for a sports team or other venue.

Despite this year being a rough patch for everyone, these soon-to-be graduates have remained focused on their goals and are ready to begin the next chapter in their lives. They’ve put in the hard work, time and effort into accomplishing their time as undergraduate students.

Therefore, let’s send a big congratulations to all of the 2020 graduates on all their hard work and wish them the best of luck as they move onto their new journey.

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