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Folger Dining Hall placed first on list of best places to eat on campus.

This article contains opinion.

At IUP, there are several dining places for students and their dietary needs. With so many options, what are the best?

We have compiled a list of what we believe are the best places to eat on campus. This is based on opinion, and everyone will have a different list. Not every place is listed below, but we encourage you to read it to come up with your own opinion.

Chains such as subway, Chick-fil-A and Einstein Bros. are not included in the list.   

1. Folger Dining Hall/True Balance

Folger is by far the best place on campus. 

It just feels like home, and it’s somewhere you could sit all day. From the televisions to the food that is always enjoyable, you can’t go wrong. 

This is the place for anyone who is simple. It is not usually going to have foods such as steak or shrimp, but when it does, there are no complaints. It was also the place to eat when it was open all day.

The best part about the place is the workers. They are kind and always engage in small talk with the person swiping in. Even when getting my food, the workers are welcoming.  

The only negative experiences are when the university has tours. Other than that, the food is splendid.  

As for True Balance, it is a great location for students with food allergies. The food is a simple and a healthier option in some cases. 

The best part about the location is the takeouts. No other dining hall on campus has this making it unique. 

2. Crimson Cafe - Fire place 

Without a doubt, Fire Place is the best place to eat in Crimson Cafe. 

Why? Well ask yourself this: Where can I get good food when I’m starving at 11:30 p.m.? Sure, you could choose the Provisions on Demand (P.O.D), but you could use that single meal swipe on a filling slice of pizza and a fountain beverage.

Not to mention, there is a different specialty selection each night. You start your week off right with Wing Night. Although it can get very busy, the wait is worth the wings. These wings aren’t covered with fat and will fill you up until lunchtime on Tuesday.

Then Walking Taco Night gives a portable choice for students to take to their late-night festivities. 

Overall, Fire Place offers something for everyone at convenient times.

3. Hadley Union Building (HUB) - Hey Pickle!

The HUB has a variety of different foods for everyone. The one that sticks out most is Hey Pickle! 

When working in the HUB, it is a great place to get food quick. The variety that is presented to the customer is excellent. 

From the different meats to just about any kind of bread you could think of, you can’t go wrong. Plus, who doesn’t like kettle chips and a pickle with their sandwich. 

4. Crimson Cafe - Burger Studio 

One of the best moments of college was discovering this location. The best comparison that could be made is it’s a Five Guys rip off but in a good way. 

You could watch the food being made as well, which is a unique experience. The curly fries taste better than Arby’s, and there have been fewer than a handful of bad experiences. 

The one negative about this dining area is that it typically costs two meal swipes, but they are well worth it after eating a juicy cheeseburger. 


5. Wallwork - P.O.D.

The Wallwork P.O.D offers a convenient place for students to grab food at any point in the day. 

The employees are always welcoming and always ensure that food, along with groceries, are fully stocked. 

Not to mention, Marcos always has the Penguins game on.

6. Crimson Cafe - Sandwich Shack

A forgotten place by many, Sandwich Shack always provides students for a rainy-day alternative.

The soups are always made fresh and piping hot. As an added bonus, the secret factor of being able to dip your sandwich into your soup works well here.

The employees work hard from open to close and with a positive attitude. Even coming before it closed on a Friday, they were more than willing to serve despite their wanting to close up and leave.

Sandwich Shack is great if you are looking for a homestyle sandwich and soup like Grandmother used to make.

7. HUB - Grille Works

If you’re looking for another place to eat a burger or cheesesteak, this is the place. It is a cheaper version to Burger Studio, only costing one meal swipe.

What is great about this location is it is open on Saturday and Sunday. For someone who wakes up later on the weekends and does not want to eat breakfast, this is a solid choice.

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