Ankle boots will be a popular layering option this fall season.

This article contains opinion. 

September is here. Head on over to Starbucks and enjoy a pumpkin spice latte whilst planning your fall to-do list. 

While some are enjoying those last beach days and poolside chill sessions, many are embracing the start of fall and searching for the perfect fall trends. 

Capes are the new trench coats of 2019. Capes have been seen on the runways of Celine, Burberry and Oscar de la Renta and are fashionable yet practical. 

Don’t fret, ladies and gentlemen, trench coats are still trendy and in season this year, so there’s still time to go out and snatch one up. 

Another trend this fall are blazers, which are perfect for dressing up or dressing down. Blazers can also be layered to look stylish but be warm in that cool autumn air. Last but not least is the category cozy outerwear. 

Once those cold autumn days arrive, puffy and faux fur jackets will be the go-to. There are tons of options, high-end and low-end, for fur coats and puffy jackets (think H&M or Asos).

Okay, let’s talk fall colors. Jewel tones are totally in this fall, perfect for monochromatic outfits or just for that pop of color. Neutral tones step aside, because these precious jewels are here to stay. Opt for that teal furry coat or an emerald silk top, which can also be dressed up or dressed down. 

All the latest fashions are about being comfortable and casual, so get ready to brighten up that fall wardrobe. Another thing that’s great about pops of color is that they can be paired with denim, trousers, even different prints. Also try layering different color tones to make the most out of this fun, colorful trend. 

Next in line are the trendiest fall prints. Spotted garments such as leopard print are totally in this fall. Leopard print slip dresses or skirts paired with a cardigan or turtle neck will be sure to bring out your wild (also cute) side.  

Statement pieces paired with staple items will really allow you to get creative with your wardrobe without breaking the bank. 

Plaid prints are also a fall must-have. Flannels, plaid blazers and trousers are all garment pieces that can be worn to incorporate prints and texture into your wardrobe. Plaid options can be found anywhere and are affordable for a college budget. 

Lastly, footwear is the final topic of conversation. Boots, loafers and sneakers are all essential for fall. Try out some suede wool ankle boots to keep your toes warm and to give your flowy maxis or jeans a rugged look. 

Ankle boots are perfect for fall and can give any outfit that much-needed autumnal vibe. Sneakers are great for giving your outfit that casual, breezy look. They can be paired with sweaters or denim and are perfect for dressing down skirts and dresses. Sneakers are perfect for transitioning into fall when those days are not quite as cold and blustery. 

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and go out of your comfort zone with all these great options for this fall.


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