Book Sale Volunteers

Zainab Younus (left), Sarah Bradshaw (middle) and Olivia Maderer (right) volunteered at the English graduate department’s annual book sale, which raises money for the department itself.

IUP’s English Graduate Organization (EGO) hosted its annual book sale this week. 

As part of the English graduate department, students put together the book sale every year to help provide funds for their department. They want to let other departments know what they do and create a comfortable reading community with other departments. 

All the books are donated by IUP faculty. 

Sometimes, books are salvaged from IUP’s library. Last year, most of the book sales were books from Leonard Hall. 

Generally, the book sale has 500 books in the beginning of the sale. This is a fundraiser event, but EGO knows that it is often college students who are buying these books, so they want the prices to be friendly. 

The books cost anywhere from 50 cents to $3. Students and faculty could purchase the books individually or buy bundles for $3. 

EGO accepted donations in the week or two leading up to the book sale in the English department office on the fifth floor of the Humanities and Social Sciences building. 

The sale typically runs for three days at the end of October or early November. Right before the book sale goes live, EGO members, the English department and volunteers sort through the books, organizing based on genre or other interest areas. 

The volunteers or workers are typically aware of the selection and are knowledgeable about the different genres or any questions customers may have. 

“This is my third year as an officer as an EGO,” said Olivia Maderer, Ph.D. candidate in literature and criticism and EGO’s web master. “I personally really love being involved in EGO and art.

“It helps show how important literary fields are to building communication and communities within our department and others. We have a lot of English majors, but also others come and talk to us and stop by. 

“It’s really great to be able to support our further attempts to expand our conferences.” 

A lot of the volunteers have worked the book sale for many years. 

“I’ve been volunteering for this for the last three years,” said Zainab Younus, Ph.D. in literature and criticism. “One of the things I like about the book sale is that it lets people get books that people generally wouldn’t want to buy because of prices. 

“It’s a great way to explore new authors and genres, and the point of the fundraiser sale is to make books accessible to the student body as much as we can.” 

EGO changes officers every year so more people have the chance to serve in the officer capacity, but many previous officers still help with the sale.

“I love to stay involved with everything happening with EGO, from the smaller, social and wellness events we have throughout the semester, to larger events like the book sale and the spring conference,” said Sarah Bradshaw, M.A. teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). 

“It’s such a great opportunity to meet and work with people from across the English department and to interact with graduate and undergraduate students from across all disciplines. It’s a great community, and I’m always thrilled to come out and support it.”

EGO uses the money it get from this event to fund social events and EGO’s interdisciplinary conference held in the spring. 

The proceeds made at the book sale also help fund speakers for the conference. 

The conference generally has a broad theme that is focused on literature. It is not secluded to English majors only, for many other majors like people in the mathematics, geology and other universities from all over the country attend the conference. 

It is a highly attended event with many IUP students and family, professors and alumni and others from universities all around the country. 


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