Zoom Video Communications, or Zoom, was founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan to provide remote conferencing services including online meetings and chats.

Oh, no! Online classes. *Gasp.* How will we ever make it? 

Students all over the country are now tasked with completing the remainder of the semester with online classes. To some, this can seem like a daunting task, or it may be incredibly new to others. The following are some tips to keep your life on track and do just as well as you do in face-to-face classes.  


Keep a routine schedule 


You may have more flexibility now, but that does not mean you can do schoolwork just when you feel like it. Spend at least the same amount of time and effort for your online classes as you did in person. 

Going to class at the same time each week puts students on a schedule, and it is best to keep a similar schedule to what you are used to. Some classes using Zoom may also require you to be online for a lecture at the same time as you assigned class time and would help dictate your schedule.  


Prioritize Zoom meeting times


The online meeting tool allows video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging and a software-defined conference room that professors can use to deliver their lectures. 

It is a live meeting so students must attend at the same time. 

Do not wait until the last minute to log on and get into the meeting at the last second. Think of it as your walk to class. If you have class at 11, you know you need to be in the classroom at 11 and ready to work, not leaving to go to class. Similarly, be in the online meeting and prepared to work when the time begins.  


Keep an agenda of new due dates 


The switch to online classes may take some adjustment to the assignments and due dates, so take your time to review the dates assignments are now due. 

Once the dates are solidified, set short-term goals to help you complete the assignments on time and stick to them. You do not want to be pushing back work and doing an assignment right before it is due. 

Technology has now become a major component of classes and is not always the most reliable. It cannot be a consistent excuse for late work. If you have issues, it is better to figure out the problem and get it resolved before the due date.  


Don’t be afraid to ask for help


Your professors are still the same people who want to help you succeed in any way possible. The whole situation of moving face-to-face classes to online classes is new for everyone. 

Professors still have office hours when you can talk to them online, over the phone or send an email if you feel you need some clarification or help. 


Create a space dedicated to work 


Get out of bed and work elsewhere. “Keeping computers, TVs and work materials out of the room will strengthen the mental association between your bedroom and sleep,” according to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School. 

Also, in your room, you have things you enjoy doing and would rather be doing than schoolwork, which can be distracting. Designate a space in your house to do work where you can be in peace to concentrate and ask your family or roommates to be respectful and not create unnecessary noise during your work time.  


Connect with the other

students in your class 


Chances are if you’re struggling, someone else in your class is too. Make some friends if you did not get the chance to while in-person. Knowing you're not alone when trying to tackle this new approach to learning is comforting. 

During face-to-face classes, you get to listen to other students’ opinions and viewpoints which can help you understand the material better so strive for that same experience. 


Take breaks

and reward yourself 


When you do well on an assignment or quiz, be proud of yourself and celebrate. It can also motivate you to continue to do well. Take short breaks between work to rejuvenate yourself and avoid strain on your eyes and body. 

Get up and move around and take a break from staring at a screen. While working, if a distracting task or thought pops into your head, write it down so you can revisit it when the work time is finished.  

Hopefully, these tips help you complete your switch to all online classes successfully. We will get through this together.  

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