DaBaby, Lil Mosey and Stunna 4 Vegas took the stage Thursday night at the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex (KCAC) to celebrate IUP’s homecoming. 

The artist Polo G was supposed to perform, but due to family emergencies, he was not able to join. 

However, the show was not left short because Stunna 4 Vegas hyped up the crowd in his place. 

The concert was presented by STATIC (The Student Activity Committee).

The IUP family gave a warm welcome to the opening act of the show. Stunna 4 Vegas (Khalick Antonio Caldwell) has previously performed with DaBaby and is best known for his single “Animal,” featuring DaBaby. 

The audience seemed to not know many of his songs but still danced along. At one point between his songs, he asked for a lady’s bra, received one and swung it around with him as he performed his next song. 

As he danced around on stage and interacted with the crowd, his wild energy pumped up the crowd and set a dynamic tone to kick off the night.

The second artist planned to perform for the night was Lil Mosey (Lathan Echols). 

At only 17-years-old, this young artist lives up to the expectations of performing a great set. 

The IUP audience reacted to his performance positively. The crowd went wild when he started one of his most popular songs, “Kamikaze.” During his performance, Lil Mosey recognized the late rapper XXXTentacion, who passed away June 2018. 

This was appreciated by the crowd as they went wild and chanted “X.” Fans raved as Lil Mosey started to perform another one of his more popular songs, “Noticed.”

Lil Mosey also sang songs that haven’t been released yet. Some of the crowd cheered hard for the revealing of his newest music, others cheered for his known songs. 

Before Lil Mosey and his crew left the stage, they also proceeded to throw many bottles of water into the crowd for hydration. 

Everyone seemed to really enjoy Lil Mosey and cheered for him as he pumped the crowd up for the main event.

There was about a 15-minute pause after Lil Mosey performed that had the fans wondering when the main event for the night would make his appearance. While the crowd waited for DaBaby’s arrival, the arena played other popular rap songs to keep the crowd pumped to. 

Music by Kevin Gates, Travis Scott, Miley Cyrus and more had the crowd pumped and eager for DaBaby’s performance. Fans were going wild as DaBaby was being announced.

“Baby” was being chanted over and over by the crowd as 27-year-old rapper, DaBaby (Jonathan Lyndale Kirk), energetically came out onto the stage. 

Opening with his hit song “Suge,” DaBaby had the fans going wild as he danced around on stage. DaBaby performed a set with a few of his other hit songs as well. The performance was a great main event, and few seemed disappointed.

People seemed pleased with DaBaby’s performance, but it was a little hard to sing along with because the tracks were mixed together.

Overall, the concert seemed to be a very successful. People enjoyed themselves while celebrating IUP’s famous homecoming.

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