Crimson Hoax: IUP announces spring break vacation opportunity for on-campus students

Sutton Hall will be where the announcements are made, as President Driscoll will be making them from his office.

Spring break has come around once again for IUP students, this time with an interesting twist.

It was announced earlier this week that students who are staying at IUP over spring break have the chance to win a full, week-long vacation to Orlando, Florida. Student that are selected for the trip will get to choose their activity, which includes options like visiting Universal Studios, among other options.

“We will select 10 students for this excusive trip,” IUP said in a press release. “The trip and hotel costs will be fully covered by the university, we want the opportunity to give back to the students, especially those that are staying on campus for the duration of spring break.”

This move from the university was done for a couple reasons, with the main one being the want to give students a chance to take a true break from campus for the week. Students will be selected by President Driscoll himself through a raffle system, which will contain the names of every student that is living in on-campus housing for the duration of spring break. The raffle drawing will begin tomorrow, March 11, at noon. The results will be shared through social media platforms, mainly Instagram, where President Driscoll will feature in videos reading the names of the students that win.

This plan by IUP has gone over well with most of the students that are spending their spring break on campus.

“Honestly, I think it is a really smart thing for IUP to do for us,” Jackson Davies (sophomore, social studies education) said. “Personally I just wasn’t able to make it home for spring break since I live in Philadelphia, so this will definitely be a welcome trip that I think will be pretty fun, if I get selected that is.”

There were other students that were in agreement with Davies, with many of them citing similar reasons for staying on campus for spring break. Despite those that did agree however, there were some that are not overly fond of the university’s plans.

“I think this is a completely ridiculous and unfair initiative by the university,” Buzz Keel (freshman, biology) said. “Personally, I am not staying on campus for spring break, and I think it isn’t very fair that I don’t get to be included in the drawing for this trip, it just feels unfair to students that are not staying on campus.”

“I just wish IUP would think about all of the students at the university, instead of a small collective of students.”

Despite the remarks by Keel, IUP is planning to go through with the plans anyway.

“We have heard some of the complaints from students that are not remaining here on campus for spring break,” President Driscoll said. “However, I would like to remind those in disagreement that this is meant to give students that are staying on campus a chance to get out and take some time to be truly away from the campus life, like so many other students get the chance to do.”

Whether you agree or not, IUP will be announcing the first series of winners tomorrow at noon. Tune into IUP’s social media accounts to see if your name is drawn, and if you win, good luck and have a good time.

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