The night was marked with games and conversations about Tolkien’s books. 

The Creative Writing Club celebrated National Hobbit Day in recognition of J. R. R. Tolkien’s work. Club members and those interested in joining attended the party on Wednesday at Folger’s Dining Hall at 8 p.m.

Tolkien is a well-known author of the popular book series “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings”. For those unfamiliar with this national holiday, it is representative of the birthdays of two fictional characters from Tolkien’s work. The characters are the two hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins and are often regarded as the most heroic and lovable of all Tolkien’s characters.

The Creative Writing Club had a great turnout of about 30 people. Attendees set up tables and chairs together and got to know one another a bit. Most enjoyed being able to socialize with a community of people that share a common interest.

“I thought it was really fun getting to meet people who have similar interests in writing. I liked playing the board games and getting to know everyone a lot better,” Hailie Hearn (sophomore, English) said.

The club provided a stack of board games and card games to choose from to make it easier for everyone to relax and get comfortable together. They played some music in the background and had tables set up with snacks and drinks for all who attended.

The students broke up into smaller groups to play multiple games. Games included popular favorites such as “Uno”, “Cards Against Humanity” and “Werewolf.” It was a great way to get everyone talking, laughing and acquainted with one another.

Not all students were familiar with National Hobbit Day, but the celebration was successful and fun for all who attended. Students reported having a great time and looking forward to more events from the Creative Writing Club.

“I would love for more events like this one. When you get a bunch of creative people together and have us all play games, it’s so much fun,” James Saylor (freshman, cyber security) said.

The club was open to all and was able to recruit a few new people. While some were unsure of what the party would entail and how the hobbits would be celebrated, it was quickly apparent that it was an event that welcomed everyone and not just fans of Tolkien. Many are looking to make new friends with those they encountered at the party.

“I thought that this event was very sincere and genuine. I didn’t even remember the names of certain people, but they have definitely made me want to get to know them and even become friends,” Jasir Dash (freshman, English) said.

The club did not celebrate in the typical hobbit celebratory ways, such as walking around all day barefoot, having a movie marathon or baking Lembas bread, but they had a great time together.

Those who are still interested in joining can do so by visiting the IUP Crimson Connect page and contacting the president of the Creative Writing Club to inquire about joining. All writers are welcome.

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