Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair was held in Stabley Room 101, Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

IUP held its 14th annual

Scholastic Book Fair this week. 

The book fair was open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday in 101 Stabley. 

Education librarian Dr. Kelly Heider oversaw the event and has been doing this program for many years.

“I’ve been doing this program for about 14 years now,” she said. “I’m very passionate about literacy, and studies have shown that

children who have more books in the home read more.”  

The book fair had a variety of genres and age and reading level books. There were children’s books, teen reads, gamer books and entertainment books. 

There were also other products like posters, pens and school supplies, which, according to Heider, make great stocking stuffers. 

The book fair was crowded with people, including professors who stopped by to check out the books. 

“I found about it through an email and through the IUP Daily email,” said Dr. Erica Freinzel, criminal justice professor. “I come every year because I have young children at home and I always grab a book or two every time they offer it here.” 

“I want to support Scholastic in reading,” English professor Lisa V. Mazey said. “I have children who love to read, and the books will be Christmas presents.

“This is the first time I’ve been here, but I usually go to the book fairs at my children’s schools, too.” 

A lot of students were at the event because they heard of it through email, saw signs or knew of it from previous years. 

“I work in for the undergraduate wide curriculum committee next door,” Chris Ceary (doctoral student, clinical psychology) said. “I love books, and I wanted to see what was over here. 

“I just found about it because of the signs in the library.”

Some were even doing their Christmas shopping for their family members.  

“I work upstairs in the dean’s office, and they were talking about it,” Emma Cribbs (nursing, junior) said. “I have younger cousins who love to read, and I came to check out books for Christmas. 

“I knew that they were doing the donation book drive, too, so I figured I’d come enjoyand support that too.” 

In conjunction with the Scholastic Book Fair, there’s a book drive, Angels Wings, that helps disadvantaged youth.

The Angels Wings program is conjunction with the Indiana Gazette and Indiana County Community Action Program (ICCAP). Disadvantaged families apply to the program and must qualify based on a certain income level. 

If they qualify and get approved, then the Indiana Gazette and ICCAP gives the children’s Christmas list to other organizations. 

“I add the books to what they have on their list,” Heider said. “They get the Christmas list and on top of that, books from the Scholastic Book Fair. 

“The reason I do the fair and the book drive together is because I get free books from the book drive that I donate to the Angels Wings, and people who shop also donate to the Angels Wings program.  

“They can grab a tag and donate books for this program. I take 100 children’s names every year, and I get rid of all the Angels Wings program through the Scholastic Book Fair.” 

A lot of the education students who are studying to be teachers went to the book fair to get books to start building their libraries. 

“There are many picture books that typically range from $4 - $5,” Heider said. “It’s economical, and students can start building their classroom libraries at this event. 

“Paper backs usually range from $4 - $10, and hardbacks are usually $10 - $20.”


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