Big Mouth

Netflix original "Big Mouth" premiered season 3 on Oct. 4

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“Big Mouth” season 3 starts off strong with a musical number about the ridiculous pressures of Valentine’s Day and how miserable it makes every participant, whether single or in a relationship.

 A big part of the season involves musical numbers. Frequent watchers of this show should already be familiar with “Big Mouth’s” propensity for cheeky over-the-top musical numbers, but there are nearly more songs than you can count in this season. In the very first episode, there are two musical numbers right off the bat. 

Some of the songs in this season include the “Spectrum of Sexuality,” how “Anything Goes in Florida,” the musical production of “Disclosure” and the struggles of not feeling well-liked in middle school in the song “Why Does Nobody (Get How Great I Am?),” a duet performed by the characters Nick and Jessi.

One of the best parts of this season is that they managed to find multiple different roles for Coach Steve to keep him in the show. In every episode, Coach Steve had a new job and seemed to pop up everywhere. They even put together a hilarious episode in which Coach Steve receives a makeover modeled after the show “Queer Eye,” and the episode features the actual voices of the Fab Five for their characters, which also looked exactly like them. 

“Big Mouth” season 3 includes plenty of new material including sexism, female empowerment through protest, Duke Ellington’s backstory, incest, sexual self-discovery, the hierarchy of middle school and the addiction younger people develop for their phones. 

The show introduced two new mythical hormone characters. The first debuts in the episode about Florida and haunts Andrew’s mother for a short time. This new character is the self-proclaimed “Menopause Banshee.” Another new hormone monstress is introduced as Missy’s mentor later in the season and causes a host of sudden, unexpected and out-of-character changes to Missy’s already tumultuous personality. 

The character development award goes to Jay Bilzerian, who struggles with his sexual identity and eventually comes out as bisexual in the episode in which a new student joins their class who introduces herself as a pansexual and confuses and excites the entire student body. Jay stops having sexual relations with his male couch cushion and pillow and begins questioning how he feels about his actual fellow humans. 

The second most obvious character development involves Missy, who has some serious emotional issues throughout this season. She seems to be an absolute mess and only seems to start growing into her own personality when she participates in the school musical as a sexually empowered woman. In the final episode, in which the whole school sports super powers, Missy has the power of weather/storms and electricity. This seems to be a nod to her insecurities about her sexuality and her lack of control when it comes to her emotions. 

Andrew also seems to be one of the characters who is seriously struggling in this season. He turns into a little bit of a psychopath and has an incident with Lars at Lola’s Valentine’s Day party after a bout of toxic masculinity and jealousy surrounding his feelings for Missy. This incident clearly affects him mentally and emotionally throughout this season. Andrew’s maturity is evidently developing when he has a serious conversation with Nick at the end of the season about their friendship and attempts to avoid more toxicity in his life. 

This show always manages to push the boundaries of appropriate TV etiquette, while calling to mind the trials and tribulations of childhood, societal expectations and pressures on the younger generations and how difficult puberty was for us all. This show keeps up the vibe of comedy while highlighting the hilarious issues we all faced as kids while finding new ways to make us all cringe and simultaneously crack up.

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